Kerry Katona wept as a thief visited her house and stole her fiancé Mercedes.

Kerry Katona was left “little by little” after a thief stole her fiancé Ryan Mahony’s Mercedes and left for fear of her safety.

Former Atomic Kitten The diva (41) wiped her tears when she told her Instagram followers that she was “calling the police all day” trying to track her.


Kerry Katona talked about how she is “little by little” after her fiancé Ryan Mahony’s car was stolen from the drive.Credit: Instagram


Former Atomic Kitten star poured her heart on InstagramCredit: Instagram

It lasts a rough two weeks Kelly I saw her and her family abandon their Christmas plans All contracted Covid, Immediately after her bright blue Range Rover has been nicknamed From outside the same property.

Dressed in a red gown and messy buns, she told the camera directly how her family felt “fully monitored and targeted.”

“To be honest, it’s like I really regret going north now. It’s not good,” she added.

In a previous Instagram story, Kelly unleashed her emotions with a text slide she wrote. RyanI got off the car from our drive last night!

“Mercedes C63S !! They have been to my house. I’m a little !!

“If you know anything, please call the police.

On another slide, she added:

“I don’t feel safe! I’ve definitely lost my love!

“While my baby was sleeping, they came to my house!

“If anyone knows something, please help !!!”

Then another slide guessed: “This is scary! Just don’t feel safe.”


Shock theft comes soon Kelly’s £ 110,000 Range Rover stolen..

Kelly’s motor was stolen in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

Still, tickets to win the vehicle were sold for £ 30 per pop, despite its disappearance.

The five mothers were forced to lie down in the trolls that linked theft and competition.

Last week she appeared in the same dressing gown from home and told her fans: “”

The former, I’m a celebrity star, explained how her children were upset by the incident that caused her previous trauma endured by a previous robbery.

She explained: “Why it was so traumatic to see the car run away and take the kids. I didn’t know the area. That was the trigger. Three masked men entered my house. I remember coming.

“I was angry again because I worked really hard to turn my life around. It’s really traumatic.”

Addressing her disappointment about the raffle she added: “And to everyone about the raffle, I’m absolutely overwhelmed about it. I haven’t received a reply from the police yet. I don’t know what will happen. Hmm. I’m absolutely angry .. I really wanted to change someone’s life. We see if we can get it back. “


On the other hand, the vocalist of Whole Again She “feels sick and doesn’t get better” After a positive Covid test earlier this month.

Her Christmas was “ruined” after being infected again with the virus.

Wearing her dressing gown, Kelly As she told her fans, she put the kilt on the couch to keep it warm: “F *** Covid”.

She added: Christmas For kids, but my god is not good at this.

“I want to be fine now.

“I’m exhausted physically and mentally. Merry Christmas.”

The struggling star choked with tears last week when she revealed that she was positive on the test. COVID also.

Kelly shares a photo of her and her son Max’s lateral flow test positive, revealing that she doesn’t know how to “handle this” because she didn’t understand why her daughter DJ couldn’t hug her mother. I made it.

Kelly listened to her “instinct” and escaped from her punt performance as Sleeping Beauty Carabos at Queen Elizabeth Hall in Oldham when her symptoms first began.

“I’m very happy I didn’t go because I’ve ruined Christmas for everyone else there,” she said.


Ryan took a photo with a motor before the theft that “frightened” the five mothersCredits: Eamonn and James Clarke


This was after Whole Again vocalists were forced to abandon their Christmas plans after signing a second deal with Covid.Credit: Instagram


Kelly’s £ 110,000 Range Rover was also stolen from their pads this monthCredit: Instagram
Devastated Kerry Katona tested positive for Covid AGAIN with her son Max, Christmas was ruined, and her daughter DJ wept.

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Kerry Katona wept as a thief visited her house and stole her fiancé Mercedes.

Source link Kerry Katona wept as a thief visited her house and stole her fiancé Mercedes.

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