Kerry Katona unveils a new car after the last two were stolen during the “rough moon”

Kerry Katona A reality show star shared a photo of her new car after stealing two cars in 11 days.

The 41-year-old former pop star had some welcome positive news to share with his followers when he posed next to a new car to rent.

Atomic Kitten’s star leaned beside the new wheel and smiled, wishing good luck. The star praised the company that helped her when she described it as a “rough moon.”

In a post to 791,000 followers, Kelly wrote:

Kerry Katona shared a photo of her new car rental and some good news on Instagram

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She continued. “To be honest, it was a tough month, but to make it clear that this isn’t my car, you guys were really nice to help me organize my car!”

She explained:

The reality show star, who is engaged to her fiancé Ryan Mahony, Two cars were stolen within a month..

Just 11 days before the second traumatic incident Kelly’s £ 110,000 Range Rover stolen In the middle of the day, from Elk Mill Shopping Park in Oldham.

Kelly said Heidi and DJ are still traumatized
Kelly said the family has suffered a “hard time” since the two robbers.

Kelly has been since then Concerns about the safety of her family since the robbery.. She bravely told us: “I’m traumatized. My car was stolen in front of me. It was terrible. I saw him kicked out with a £ 300 gift behind him.”

The TV star said, “I’ve been robbed before, but what caused me about this was police said I was monitored and deliberately targeted. It really scared me. I let you do it. “

Kerry Katona said there were two Louis Vuitton bags and her Christmas shopping in her boots
A reality show star’s family had two cars stolen from her in 11 days

Kelly also shared the New Year’s vision and was looking forward to 2022 She said recently understood!: “The only solution people should protect is to make the next day better than the previous day because they don’t know where to turn the corner.

Kelly said: “It was a tough time for many. It’s best to count your blessings and thank you for what you have.”

“Every day I want to be the best I can be for the people around me. I want to maintain a positive headspace. That said, I want to be able to say that I own my home a year later.”

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Kerry Katona unveils a new car after the last two were stolen during the "rough moon"

Source link Kerry Katona unveils a new car after the last two were stolen during the "rough moon"

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