Kerry Katona talks about Loose Women’s claim of “fight”: “I love Colleen”

TV viewers are intrigued by the story of trouble behind the scenes Loose female, There are reports that some presenters do not want to work with Coleen Nolan.. Currently in her latest column-shared here exclusively for OKVIP members- Kerry Katona, She herself is a former panelist of the show and shares her feelings about Colleen.

The candid star also talks about her late Christmas and participates in a discussion about another star, former Love Islander, Molly May The Hague, who has been facing criticism for the past few weeks.

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There is no drama here

Last week there were several dramas behind the scenes of Loose Women, and there were reports that people refused to work with Coleen Nolan, but she denied it.

When I was in Loose Women, as far as I know, there was never a bitch.

Kelly introduced Ruth Wimin with Colleen
Kelly introduced Ruth Wimin with Colleen

I joined the panel with Kay Adams, Carol McGiffin and Sherrie Hewson. I had a good time. And I love Colleen. We did an Icelandic ad together that day, and we’re doing really well.

Blondes are more fun

Kelly's new lock
Kelly’s new lock

I got rid of my purple hair and went back to blonde! I went to The Style Lounge in Alderley Edge and it also had a hair extension from the brand Cinque (pronounced like a sink!). They did a great job.

I really enjoyed purple hair and I would probably miss it by looking back at the photo, but it’s good that there is a change. You know me, I like to be a little different, so maybe by summer I’ll go to the cotton candy color!

Kelly returned to blonde
Kelly returned to blonde

Last week I had a Christmas dinner with my uncle. He ended up spending the day himself as we all had Covid in our home. So we decided to make something late, it was nice. I left all the Christmas decorations at home and made a Christmas dinner.

My Molly is also from Ireland. I’m very happy that she comes home. But I’m not going to lie. Having five children at home makes me already bloody.

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Molly says I’m sorry

Molly May The Hague After commenting on her success on the Diary Of A CEO podcast, she apologized after receiving a backlash.

Molly May faced criticism of her comments
Molly May faced criticism of her comments

Personally, I don’t think she deserves much criticism. You can clearly see that she is working hard to get to today’s place. I came from nothing and worked hard to get to where I was. We celebrate success and think everything should empower each other – especially women. Molly is a young girl and she achieved very quickly.

I always ask Heidi what he wants to be when he grows up. She says, “I want to be Molly May.” I explained to her that she’s working hard for what she has, which doesn’t mean she’s just given a Louis Vuitton bracelet for free.

Many people think it’s really easy just because you’re in the industry, but it’s not. From experience, I know it’s difficult to maintain.

A journey down a memorable path

Bootcamp changed Kelly's life
Bootcamp changed Kelly’s life

Twelve years have passed since I passed through the door of GI Jane Bootcamp, and my life has changed completely.

Sharon, who owns the boot camp, was one of my best friends and she was great. She was always there for me and didn’t want anything in return. She is the definition of a true friend.

I shared a retrospective photo of the two of us on Instagram and it looked very unhealthy. I’m proud of how far I’ve come.

Even today, I’m still back in the boot camp. Actually, I am planning to go to Greece in June. It’s a big part of my life and it will always be.

The sad times of the theater

Former Love Island Star Amber day beads She felt sad after she revealed that the Bring It On The Musical tour production had been canceled due to an increase in Covid’s incidents.

Amber had to retreat from the stage
Amber had to retreat from the stage

Bring It On: Musical ... Off, for now
Bring It On: Musical … Off, for now

I think it’s sad news for the industry, after eight more theaters were temporarily closed last month. After getting Covid, I had to get out of Pantomime in December.

The theater industry is suffering terribly, which is very disappointing. I love taking kids to the show. Molly is August 21st, so I want to take her to New York and go to Broadway. Hopefully things will be better by then!

Kerry Katona talks about Loose Women's claim of "fight": "I love Colleen"

Source link Kerry Katona talks about Loose Women's claim of "fight": "I love Colleen"

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