Kerry Katona is “deadly scared” doing pantomime as the number of cases of Covid increases

Kerry Katona She admitted that she was “deadly scared” to continue playing on the pantomime in the rapidly increasing case of Covid.

Her weekly writing New arrival! Column, a former Atomic Kitten singer, says that appearing in Sleeping Beauty at Queen Elizabeth Hall in Oldham “worries” her and wonders why there are no stricter restrictions. Here’s why my daughter Molly is coming home for Christmas and why she doesn’t think she’ll be back in Punt next year. You can apply for free! – To see what she has to say.

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Scary time

I’ve always enjoyed Pantomime, but I’m not going to lie. This time, I’m afraid to die in all these new Covid cases.

I’m afraid of it happening in the cast, so I want to stay home with the kids.

Kerry Katona says pantomime is “deadly scary” in the rapidly increasing number of cases of Covid

I’m worried because I haven’t fallen into a bubble like last year. What I can’t bother with is why Covid is so prevalent right now that it doesn’t have stricter restrictions.

To be honest, I don’t understand why we aren’t blocked.

After catching Covid last Christmas, 41 years old wants more celebrations with his family this year

A person who makes a place

I usually celebrate the festive season with my Pantomime family. We’ll probably go for a nice Christmas meal, but this year the risk is too high.

I think everyone is on the same ship. After finishing the performance, I just want to go home and spend time with my family.

I don’t want to endanger Christmas at home.

Former Atomic Kitten stars don’t want to “endanger” Christmas, so they’re not going to celebrate the Pantomime family this year.

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the mally return

Our Molly is coming home this week. I will not stop worrying until I return to the house where she belongs.

But soon Christmas is here and we are all under the same roof and enjoying time together.

Kelly admits that her eldest daughter, Molly, “will not stop worrying” until she returns home safely on Christmas day.

I had Covid last Christmas, and it was terrible. It knocked me out for two months.

That’s why this year has to be something special. I was so sick last year that I have something to do.

Big day

I am very excited about Christmas. I have a day off, so when the show is over on Christmas Eve, I’ll go home, wrap all the presents and start preparing vegetables.

On the day of the event, we will wake up in the morning, open the champagne, and photograph the faces of the children opening the press.

Five moms say they are “very excited” at Christmas.

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We stay in cozy pajamas all day long, relaxing around the house, watching Christmas movies and enjoying great food.

There is nothing better than spending Christmas with your family. My mom is with me this year. It’s nice for kids to take their mom.

Farewell, punt

I don’t want to punt next year.

I love participating and playing on stage, but this year I was made to think about how much I would miss it.

The singer says she doesn’t know if she will punt again next year

I love making people laugh and smile, but I miss all the accumulation until Christmas.

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Kerry Katona is "deadly scared" doing pantomime as the number of cases of Covid increases

Source link Kerry Katona is "deadly scared" doing pantomime as the number of cases of Covid increases

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