Kerry Katona became creepy when she found an “orb” floating in the living room

Kerry Katona When she suddenly saw a mysterious “orb” in her house, the five mothers were left shivering because they were convinced that it might be supernatural.

41 year old person Recently I talked about running away from a celebrity castle for a haunted encounter, Convinced that she was “visited by the dead,” she began to worry about ghosts appearing in her house.

Fortunately the former Atomic Kitten The singer managed to catch the sighting on the video and she posted it on her Instagram page for all fans to see.

Sharing a rare clip, Kelly further explained that the color of the lights changed during her chilling experience.

Kerry Katona found a strange ball in her house

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“So the lights went dark, then brightened themselves, and this green flying spot appeared !!” The reality TV star has begun.

“Can anyone tell me?” She begged.

Kelly added that the dots suddenly “disappeared and turned into orbs,” and her fans were worried about the potential impact.

“Defo spirits. I have one too,” one person replied.

Kerry Katona enjoys the supernatural, but is amazed at what happened at her home

Another share: “It’s a little scary AF.”

Others have tried to ensure that Kelly is likely to have a scientific explanation.

“Only dust particles reflect light on mobile cameras,” one believer claimed.

Last month, Kelly also opened a previous experience that made her creepy, and the star was convinced that her home would be haunted ever since.

Kerry Katona has five children and is convinced that there was a ghost in her house after her son Max.

In an interview with all right!, She recalled: “Yes, we had a paranormal activity team in our house, about six years ago.

“They said a man named John was at home and wanted us to leave, and he wanted my son Max.

“George [Kay, Kerry’s late husband] He was still alive and said that John had paralyzed George Bell. “

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Kerry Katona became creepy when she found an "orb" floating in the living room

Source link Kerry Katona became creepy when she found an "orb" floating in the living room

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