Kerry Katona admits that her relationship with Ryan has gone through “test time”

Kerry Katona Her relationship with her fiancé Ryan Mahony admits that she has been “tested” after the hell of her Covid and robbery.Kelly, 41, she Range Rover stolen While she is shopping.Just 11 days later, Ryan’s car I was taken from outside their house. Pair too I got sick with the coronavirusThat is, I was forced to be isolated during Christmas.

Her weekly writing New arrival! Column, a former Atomic Kitten singer, reveals how it puts a strain on their relationship and admits that “it was really hard.” You can apply for free! – To see what she has to say.

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Test time

Kerry Katona admitted that her relationship with her fiancé Ryan Mahony was “tested” after her Covid and robbery hell.

Having been infected with Covid since our car was stolen and stuck indoors really tested Ryan and me.

We were trapped with children who had nowhere to go and it was really hard. We couldn’t get out, so we were stressed and we just went out to each other.

Ryan is usually the calmest person ever, but having his car stolen really upset him. But all couples pass the test time. I’ll be with Ryan until the day I die and love him apart.

Everything is good-it only makes us stronger.

Covid update

Kelly provided updates on her health after the Battle of Covid

I’m not infected with Covid and I’m not quarantined, but I still feel some impact. I still feel really out of breath and I don’t have much energy. Ryan was really sick with it – he couldn’t even lift his head off the pillow.

It was the second time I was infected with the virus and it was unpleasant, but I didn’t suffer as badly as the first time.

It was really hard to be isolated and not with all the kids at Christmas, but that’s what it is.

Driven to the edge

Columnist rents a new car after her Range Rover is stolen

Last week, I went shopping for the first time since I was isolated. I was like a crazy kid and I was talking to everyone – I’m glad I was able to regain my freedom. After being stolen, I am currently renting a car.

I got it from Faster Car Finance, but it didn’t help anymore. There is no news of stolen cars yet and we are investigating.

And just 11 days after that happened, Ryan’s car was stolen. It was a nightmare. It’s not just cars – it has brought us a great knock-on effect as a family. It hurt the kids – and I think it really influenced DJs.

She looked fine at first, but she has two tempered tantrums, which are quite different from my DJ. Responses to everything that happens can be delayed.

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Bring a positive atmosphere

The singer feels positive a year ahead

It’s a new year, a new beginning – and I feel positive. I always look for a silver lining.

Just because something bad has happened does not mean that my life has collapsed. My career is going well. You have a nice house and most importantly you have a family. We have a close relationship, are healthy and everything is fine.

Many people have New Year’s aspirations and start exercising, but I think that’s always something to do.

At that moment, I am very dissatisfied with my body. I work for a diet brand called Exante and am about to return to my daily life. I’m taking Exante Protein Shake. This works because I’m always out.

I trained a few times last week and my body is still influenced by Covid – I may be doing it too fast.

Who is the singer behind the mask?

Many are wondering if Kelly is riding a masked singer

Some people have asked me if I’m a masked singer’s fireworks, which I find very interesting. I’ve been mentioned several times in the show-many people thought I attended it last year.

This year, I’ve been busy watching Beverly Hills Real House Wives at a glance, so I haven’t.

I’m completely obsessed with it. I also watch Stay Close on Netflix. I’m only a few episodes, but it’s great.

Kerry Katona admits that her relationship with Ryan has gone through "test time"

Source link Kerry Katona admits that her relationship with Ryan has gone through "test time"

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