Kerry Catona: “I was called a disaster, but I’m not ashamed to be bipolar”

Kerry Cato He said he was proud to have bipolar disorder and shared his hopes of becoming a “beacon” for those struggling with mental health.

The 41-year-old was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2005 and three years later in 2008 she appeared in the headlines of her interview for This morning, for she was seen to be silent in her words.

Kerry continued to enjoy a successful life and career after the interview – but the star frankly admits that she was “mocked and mocked” and was called a “car accident” for the interview after she had previously admitted that she felt “suicidal” afterwards.

Former Atomic Kitten star Kerry, who recently said that the last few months have “really tried” her relationship with Ryan, there is written in it OK! column about how far she has come in her fight for mental health since World Bipolar Disease Day on Wednesday, March 30th.

Kerry Catona said she was proud of bipolar disorder and wanted to be a “beacon” of support

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She said: “Last week was World Bipolar Disorder Day and it made me think about what I have overcome and the problems I face every day.

“I want people to see me as a beacon for those who are fighting. No matter how low you feel, you have to keep fighting until you are heard.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel. We need to keep talking about bipolar – be open about it and don’t be ashamed.

Looking back on his own experience with his mental health, Kerry continued, “I was ridiculed and mocked for years. People didn’t want to work with me because they didn’t understand what bipolar was.”

Kerry Catona said so "ridiculed and mocked" after her interview this morning
Kerry Catona said she was “mocked and ridiculed” after her interview this morning

Kerry, a mother of five, insisted on her mental health "does not define" her
Kerry, a mother of five, insisted her mental health “does not determine”.

Kerry felt some criticism and anxiety when she appeared in This Morning in 2008 with a vague speech that she always maintained was due to the bipolar drug she was taking at the time, as she recently told GB News: “It was my bipolar medication, but people just guessed I quit drinking or drugs. “

Reflecting on the reaction, Kerry recalled GOOD!: “They called me a ‘car accident’, but that doesn’t define me.

“You can still have a great life, even when you’re struggling with mental health.”

Kerry looked back at how far she had come after the interview
Kerry looked back at how far she had come after the interview

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Although the star is facing some battles even after 2008, Kerry continues to maintain positive thinking.

“Every day is a battle, but when I look at who I am and what I have achieved, it takes me away,” she said.

The star is now urging those who may find it difficult to seek help and support, saying: “If you feel unwell, see a doctor. Don’t feel uncomfortable.

“No one can explain what’s going on in your head, but it’s important to realize that you’re never alone. Don’t suffer in silence.”

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Kerry Catona: "I was called a disaster, but I'm not ashamed to be bipolar"

Source link Kerry Catona: "I was called a disaster, but I'm not ashamed to be bipolar"

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