Kelly Ann Kenary rekindles the feud with Yumi Steins on the red carpet at an event in Sydney

Kelly Ann Kenary rekindled a long-standing feud with Yumi Steins at the Women’s of the Future Awards in Sydney on Wednesday.

Called “racist” by Steins during a fierce debate about the 68-year-old Media Doyenne. Australian day Protest at Studio 10 in 2019-She still said she was “hurt” in the incident, just before the pair met awkwardly at lunch.

Prior to their reunion, Kenary told the Daily Mail Australia that he had “never seen” a KIIS FM host since he attacked her on the air two years ago.

Back: Kelly Ann Kenary (left) at the Women’s of the Future Awards in Sydney on Wednesday after the radio star called her “racist” two years ago. , Rekindled a long-standing feud with Yumi Steins.

“I haven’t seen her since that day. She didn’t come to work the next day. She was supposed to have three days, but that night she sent a text to the executive producer,” I spent the holidays. I think there is, “but never appeared,” she said.

When asked if she was planning to talk to Steins at the Wednesday event, Kenary said:’Well, yeah. I’m not rebellious. I’m not ashamed of what happened, what I said, and how I reacted. No problem.

“She is powerful in what she said, but not being called a racist was harmless.”

Two years ago, two women faced each other on the air during a Studio 10 discussion about a protest against Australia Day.

In the debate, Kenary said indigenous protesters and their supporters should be more concerned with the dire state of many Aboriginal communities, rather than focusing on dates.

Fierce: During the star-studded event, Kenary and Stein were seen in a fierce debate before sitting for a meal.

Expressiveness: I don’t know what they’re talking about, but Kenary seemed particularly vibrant because he was passionately raising his hands to express his emotions.

“Are the 5,000 people who walked through the streets going outback where children, babies, and five-year-olds were raped, saying how inappropriate the day was?” Kenary said then. rice field.

“Their mothers are raped and their sisters are raped. They are not educated. What did you do?’

After pausing, Stynes ​​attacked Kennerley’s comment.

“That’s faintly untrue, Kelly Ann. You now sound pretty racist,” she said.

Kenary replied that she was offended, but Steins doubled her insult.

“Then, every time I open my mouth, it sounds like a racist, so keep going,” Steins said.

At the event on Wednesday, Kelly Ann claimed that her comments were not racist.

“I actually went to the dictionary to find out what racists mean. I think other cultures, societies and people are under you,” she said.

“My point was that indigenous women and children were 35 times more likely to be killed or abused. It’s still going on. Why can’t we do anything about it?

Fierce debate: Two years ago, Kenary and Steins confronted each other during a broadcast in Studio 10’s discussion of a protest against Australia Day, and Kenary was in a dire state of many Aboriginal communities with indigenous protesters and their supporters. Said you should be more worried rather than focusing on the date

“Yes, we can parade the streets about many issues, but it’s a very important issue and it’s happening every day.

“Children and women are raped and killed every day. It’s still going on, but if you’re white you’re not allowed to say that.”

Kenary went on to say, “I’m living a really nice life,” so “I don’t want to get involved in that anymore.”

But in a digging into Stynes, she added: ‘But unfortunately, the problem is the same and hasn’t changed.

“So when is Yumi Stein in the world going to do something about it?”

“It will stir it up,” she added.

Following her comment, Kenary and Steins were seen in a fierce debate before dining at an event at the Sydney Opera House.

I don’t know what they’re doing, but Kenary seems to have been particularly vibrant as Steins raised his hands passionately to express his emotions while his arms were crossed.

Steins, who recently announced a farewell to her husband Martin Benderer, didn’t walk the red carpet at the event while Kenary was posing with the identity of other female media.

At the time of the heated debate on the pair in 2019, Kenary wasn’t. Prepared to ceded all the land.

She chased protesters on Australian Day and accused them of worrying about indigenous issues only one day of the year.

“These people are anxious for help. Older Aboriginal women are anxious for help and they are not getting help,” she said.

“Where are these people doing? [other than] One day of the year? You should do something positive. “

Host Sarah Harris tried to break the tide because the debate could boil.

Steins then stated that many of the protesters would have previously gone out to the indigenous community, but Kenary demanded the exact number.

Unobtrusive: Steins, who recently announced her split from her husband Martin Benderer, didn’t take her to the red carpet at the event.

She also claimed that Kenary was afflicting women and children being raped in the city, not just a local issue.

Kenary argued that she wasn’t a racist just because she “had a point of view,” but Steins objected to her guessing about so many people.

As their controversy escalated, Steins frankly told Kenary: “Every time you open your mouth, you sound like a racist.”

Following the conflict from her comments, Kenary was invited to spend time with an indigenous woman in the hinterland of Alice Springs.

While there, she spent a few days with Charlene Campbell and the Tangentiere Women’s Family Safety Group, dubbing it a “great experience.”

Steins, whose mother is Japanese, is a broadcaster and writer, as well as campaigning on issues of race and feminism.

Australian Weekly Weekly, in partnership with Latrobe Financial, hosted the 9th Women’s of the Future Awards Lunch and Ceremony at the Sydney Opera House to recognize the pioneers of young Australian women.

Since 2013, the Women of the Future Awards have helped exceptional young women between the ages of 18 and 34 develop life-changing projects.

This year there were many impressive entries on the themes of disability, protection and consent.

Celebration: Australia’s Weekly Weekly, in collaboration with Latrobe Financial, hosted the 9th Women’s of the Future Awards Lunch and Ceremony at the Sydney Opera House, commending Australia’s young female pioneers.Photo: Yumi Steins

Kelly Ann Kenary rekindles the feud with Yumi Steins on the red carpet at an event in Sydney

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