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Keir Starmer News: Labor leaders humiliate the defeat of local elections | UK | News

Labor has lost Hartlepool by-elections to the Conservatives, along with seats in the northern and central councils. Sir Kiel admitted that the result was “terribly disappointing” and vowed to “do whatever it takes” to reverse the Labor fate.

Labor leaders subsequently dismissed Angela Rayner as leader after disastrous consequences, sources said.

However, some labor officials have already concluded that their leaders are part of the problem.

Talking to The Times, Sir Kiel claimed to have offended both Labor left-wing activists and EU-supporting activists within the party.

They said: “Keel is a little unfriendly.

“He was a candidate for Soft Left and Remainy Labor, and he wasn’t really a dancer with what broke him.”

In October 2020, Sir Keir suspended former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn for his reaction to the EHRC’s report on anti-Semitism within the party.

Sir Kiel also voted to support Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal in April this year.

Another Labor insider complained to the Times that Sir Kiel’s team was dominated by “Camden Creek” in northern London.

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“Keir Starmer has to think again about his strategy.”

Richard Version, Shadow Attorney General under Corbyn, said:

“It should start by defending the policies that are popular in our recent manifesto.”

Momentum, a Corbyn-supporting campaign group, named the result of Hartlepool a “disaster” and argued that a “transformative socialist message” could have won seats.

According to Sky’s deputy political editor, Sam Coates, there was controversy within the Labor Party as to whether Sir Kiel or deputy leader Angela Rayner was more responsible for the election defeat.

According to Labor Party sources, the reporter said:

“”[removing her would equate] Some of the focus groupers in northern London are sacrificing working-class female care workers because they cannot connect to the north. Everyone knows that his office ran the campaign. “

With seats in the Hartlepool parliament, Labor frustrated in a series of local parliaments.

The Tories ruled the councils of Harlow, Northumberland, Pendle, Nottinghamshire, Nuneaton, Dudley, Cornwall, Basildon, and Maidstone.

Sadiq Khan will be reelected as Mayor of London, but with a tighter margin than widely expected.

The Labor Party’s best result was Wales, robbing Lonza from former Prad Camry leader Leanne Wood, one seat below the Senedd’s majority.

Keir Starmer News: Labor leaders humiliate the defeat of local elections | UK | News

SourceKeir Starmer News: Labor leaders humiliate the defeat of local elections | UK | News

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