Keeran Hayler was “ravaged” to “deny the allegations” after the allegations of rape.

Keeran Hayler Has been “ravaged” and has denied allegations of having been sexually assaulted three times in relation to a woman under the age of 16. Katie Price..

The 43-year-old states that he believes the allegations were “created by a third party in retaliation.”

Kieran agreed to be questioned by the police about the allegations he denied.

Kieran spokesman said understood!: “Kielan was completely overwhelmed by these untrue claims and demanded that he meet the investigators as soon as possible to reveal his name.

Keeran Hayler denied allegations

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“He is convinced that these allegations are false and made by a third party in retaliation,” they continued.

“He will fight to reveal his name, and even to bring the person in charge to trial.”

Sussex police said understood!: “Unless you have been charged, we are not investigating or confirming that you have investigated the designated individual.

“No one in that name has been charged.”

Keeran Hayler took a picture with the kids and partner Michelle

Sussex police asked Kieran to be interrogated at the police station next week.

The Sussex police said: “In 2016, we are investigating reports that a woman was raped by an adult man known to her in a place in West Sussex.

“No arrests have been made.”

Katie Price shares Jet with her two kids Bunny and Kieran

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“Women receive support from specially trained officers,” they added.

“Police have been in contact with Kieran regarding the allegations since 2016,” sources told The Sun.

“Kielan is working together and claims he’s not doing anything wrong, but he’s happy to talk to the police about it.”

Kieran is the father of Katie and her co-parents Bunny and Jet.

He is now Fiancé Michelle Penticost and Dad to Apollo.

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Keeran Hayler was "ravaged" to "deny the allegations" after the allegations of rape.

Source link Keeran Hayler was "ravaged" to "deny the allegations" after the allegations of rape.

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