Keeran Hayler crawls baby son Apollo on a family trip with fiancé and children

Keeran Hayler We had a great family day with our fiancé Michelle Penticost and his children at a Christmas event in Essex on Tuesday, November 16th.

The couple was found at an event at a Lakeside Shopping Center near their home, and Kieran, 34, saw him hugging Apollo, a three-month-old sweet boy, the couple’s first child.

Meanwhile, the pair also includes Kieran’s children Jet (7 years old) and Bunny (6 years old), and from a previous relationship, ex-wife Katie Price (43 years old) and Michelle’s son Valentino (10 years old). Sharing with.

Michelle chose a fluffy winter coat and shiny leggings for the event, and Kieran wore a long beige coat with a T-shirt and trousers.

Kieran Hayler attended a Christmas event in Essex with his family this week

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The couple welcomed a new baby in August, Kieran recently New arrival! How they came to decide on a baby’s name: Apollo Phoenix.

Kieran was seen hugging baby Apollo on Family Day with his fiancé Michelle Penticost and his children.

“So it took me almost three days to name my baby. There are two things that are really, really, really stuck,” he said.

Michelle, who chose Caesarean section for her birth, explained that the beloved couple had two names that were “intimate competitors.”

Kieran explained the meaning behind the new name of baby Apollo, saying, “Apollo is the Greek god, the phoenix is ​​like that, and the bird rose from the ashes like eternal life.” rice field.

But the gorgeous couple admitted that they weren’t always going to name their newborns with both names. “We decided to put them together at the last minute,” explained personal trainer Keeran.

Baby Apollo is the first child of a couple together

“So they’re both really strong names, and yeah, we both think they really liked them, right? That’s why,” he told us.

Katie’s Exe Peter Andre and Keeran reportedly took care of the children with the star after her arrest and were subsequently admitted to a priority rehab facility.

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Keeran Hayler crawls baby son Apollo on a family trip with fiancé and children

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