Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter set out on their most amazing adventure

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reunited on Wednesday, with former Bill and Ted co-stars embarking on one of California’s greatest adventures.

Lifelong friends were seen buying coffee from Malibu Cafe before biking across the rugged California coastline.

57-year-old Keanu wore a black jacket over matching jeans and rubbed brown boots when riding a bike before a day trip.

Latest: Bill and Ted co-stars Alex Winter (56) and Keanu Reeves (57) enjoy drinking coffee and riding their bikes in Malibu, California on Wednesday. Was done.

His former co-star, Alex, 56, wore a black shirt with blue jeans and black motorcycle boots. He finished with dark sunglasses.

Friends share the screen in three films in the Bill and Ted series: Bill and Ted’s Adventures in 1989, Bill and Ted’s Fake Journey in 1991, and Bill and Ted’s Face Music in 2020. did. In winter he played Bill and Ted.

They chat about their friendship and movie franchise in their August 2020 work New York Times, As Winter said, he considers Reeves to be a brother.

“There is little homeostasis in this business,” Winter said. “You get together on the set and you’re like,” We’re like a family! ” And that is “OK, goodbye”. I will never meet again. “

The actors went to the vehicle with their motorcycle helmets.

Reeves wore a gray scarf when he was out during the day with coffee and snacks

Reeves added: When we are together, it feels like “what are you thinking?” “I don’t know, this is a little weird.” “Yes, that’s a little weird.”

In the winter, he and Reeves told the newspaper that he and Reeves met during the audition for Bill and Ted’s great adventure and defeated it early in the audition.

“I had similar training and interests in acting, theater, and my favorite theater … when they said that both of us played that role, we both said,” Oh, you do it. It’s great to get it. ” It’s like, “Oh, you’ll be in my class” when you start a new school. That was the atmosphere. “

The actor has been friends for over 30 years since sharing the screen on Bill and Ted’s Great Adventure in 1989.

The star also appeared in the movies “Bill and Ted’s Journey to Hell” and “Bill and Ted’s Time.”

Reeves carry a backpack before going out on the road at a luxurious beach location

The pair was open about working with George Carlin, a late comedy legend who played the role of Rufus in the first two films.

“We were young and trained, but it was very helpful to have someone to help us get promoted,” Reeves said. “We felt very lucky about it.”

In winter, he said no one knew who would play the role of Rufus until the shooting was successful. It was scary.

“There was a name that came to mind-they were great actors, but they weren’t just right for that role. Keanu and I were surprised that it was George. He’s a very grounded, sober off. He was a camera guy, and I think he was very charitable and kind to us both. We knew the importance of having him.

The actors snuggled up on their bikes before riding the weekday coastline

Winter said he considers Reeves as a brother in the New York Times’ 2020 work.

Reeves put on gloves before riding the bike

Reeves said their “personal life has changed a bit” after the movie was released in February 1989 and hit the theater.

“When we went out for dinner together, people were like,’Wow! Hey!’,” He said. “We will be like” Yeah. Yeah. ” “Party, hey!” “Yeah.”‘

I added winter. “I remember someone sliding an air guitar on my lap and going all the way from the restaurant floor to the bar stool. I remember telling Keanu, you’re this-what’s happening Also-I understand that it never stops.

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter set out on their most amazing adventure

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