Kaz Crosley says he helped Thai children after feeling guilty at a quarantine station villa

Kaz Crosley Recently, I’ve been making headlines about her incredible support initiative. Build schools, homes and gymnasiums for children in Thailand.

27-year-old who gained fame on a popular ITV dating show Love islandAfter discovering a local Muay Thai boxing club called Wor Watthana, I traveled to Isaan in 2021 to help the community.

Now the reality star was held in an exclusive interview about how she got involved in the project and how the kids changed her as a person. understood! online.

“I had been quarantining Thailand for two weeks because it was an immigration rule at the time and there was a really nice huge villa I was staying in,” she said on her first trip to the area. I started to remember.

Kaz Crossley opens the door to building homes, schools and gymnasiums in Thailand

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Kazu continued. “I was watching them alone. [Instagram] The story and I just felt almost guilty that I was staying in this wonderful villa, literally all with a huge pool on my own, and seeing these kids literally having nothing. So I decided to visit them as soon as the quarantine was over. “

A television personality explained that her love for Muay Thai, her multicultural background, and her poor mother’s combination motivated her to “give back to this community.”

Wor Watthana owner Boom was talking about raising money to build a house, but there wasn’t much donation in the first place as Covid-19 was still rampant.

Kaz shows fans a school that helped raise money in a new Instagram video
Kazu said she felt “guilty” about the huge villa she stayed in.

When Kazu joined forces with him, the initial funding target was £ 40,000, but when the project came to the forefront on social media, it raised £ 85,000 and was a two-story building with four bathrooms. I made a 6 bedroom house.

The project faced another challenge during the construction period when they ran out of money. However, the boom that took care of the contractor was, “I did the last part of the project myself.”

“The workers worked so hard that they built a small hut next to the house on the land where they actually slept. So the workers didn’t actually go home and slept on the construction site. It was pretty surprising that there was a dedication to it. The work it took, “she said.

Love Island star Kaz Crosley opens a children's school, home and training gym in Thailand
According to Kazu, the workers were sleeping on the construction site of the house.

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Previously Kazu She told ex-Sao Campbell and his son that he was “really happy.” He added that Covid-19 was so devastating to the community that it was able to provide work to so many people.

Since the schools, homes and gymnasiums were built, Kazu has noticed that they are all “very happy”, but when they didn’t have it, they added that they were “still grateful”. I did.

Then, while sharing, she explained how the children actually changed her more overall. “Honestly, these kids feel more helped me than I helped them.

Kazu meets a children's community at Muitai Gym in Thailand and decides to help them.
Kazu said the children “helped me more than I helped them”

“They inspire me. When I feel I’m having a hard time, all I have to do is think about them. That’s the real hardship. They make me Motivate me and keep me moving. “

She added, “I love them so much and I owe them a lot, so I can’t really thank them.”

Kaz is currently raising an additional £ 25,000 to build volunteer / visitor housing to make the project more “sustainable” for Isan children.

Kaz said on the GoGet Funding page: It’s been a long time, many generations, forever! “

If you want to donate click here.

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Kaz Crosley says he helped Thai children after feeling guilty at a quarantine station villa

Source link Kaz Crosley says he helped Thai children after feeling guilty at a quarantine station villa

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