Katie Price’s largest McKee Mansion scandal, including robbery and illegal dumping

Katie Price Is appearing on a new Channel 4 show. This show focuses on building a headlined McKee Mansion.

The 43-year-old Horsham home has been exposed to many headlines over the years, from the fall of victims to the flight of fallen people to disasters in construction work.

Katie left the mansion for renovation work, but it was irreversible because it was devastated.

When Katie’s new reality show airs on Channel 4, understood! Take a look at the biggest scandal that hit star McKee Mansion over the years …


Her four mothers, Katie, were allegedly burned down in July 2020 as her home was attacked and flooded by thugs.

It was reported that an intruder left a tap on her kitchen, which caused the ceiling to collapse.

Katie Price’s McKee Mansion has been unlucky for years

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Sources said Sun At that time: “Katie is devastated.

“She is afraid that anyone who does this will take revenge on her, and even thinks it could be related to her confronting the social media bullying trolls. ..

“This crime promised to cause Katie as much impact and personal upset as possible.”


Pricey’s house has been split into three parts in the last few years. Katie’s McKee Mansion was robbed for the third time in February 2021.

She discovered the intrusion when she returned to check the progress and learned that the thief was taking old photos and hard drives.

McKee Mansion has been divided into three parts over the years
McKee Mansion has been divided into three parts over the years

Katie said in a YouTube video: Good vibes. “


Katie’s house was also hit by three fires in two years. In 2018, the house burned with candles and damaged property.

Then, in September 2020, emergency services were called into McKee Mansion after the caretaker set up a bonfire right next to her property.

Katie Price's mansion was hit by two fires
Katie Price’s mansion was hit by two fires

Neighbors reportedly called the fire brigade and the damage was resolved.

One source told the sun at the time:

“It was a huge fire. My neighbor thought the house was burned down and called it a fire brigade.

“Last extinguished, I saw smoke swirling across the road. She said the house was cursed.

Katie is reportedly "That's horrible" By "Huge fire"
Katie is reported to have felt “fear” in the “giant fire.”

“But she’s currently focusing on her new life with Karl, and there’s a lot of good things happening in her life, so she’s firmly focused on the future.”

At that time, Katie’s representative said, “We were able to confirm that a fire broke out on the premises, but there was no serious damage to the building.

“Witnesses reported to the paramedics that the house was on fire, but thankfully the house was safely managed before the building was seriously damaged.”

Fly tipping

McKee Mansion has also been the target of fly tippers since she moved out of the property.

In January 2020, Katie was furious and shared her anger in the Instagram story, accusing the builder of “messing up” the house.

McKee Mansion became a victim of fly tipper
McKee Mansion became a victim of fly tipper

She then said: “While I’m outside, I’m still saddened by what it did.

“Look at my poor tennis court. He dumped it completely illegally by frying it. It’s very sad that he was my reason.”

And, as the neighbor told Miller, the land is reportedly alive. “I don’t think Katie is actually back home. She’s just using it for storage.

“Anyway, it’s so confusing that she’ll probably cost hundreds of thousands just to make the place livable again.

“The land is littered with illegal dumping, the sewage pool needs to be replaced, there is fire damage, and the ceiling is still damaged by the flood, so the whole house is moist.”

Price plunge

Katie reportedly paid £ 2m when she bought the pad from the Cabinet Office Minister Francismode in 2014.

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McKee Mansion is said to have lost £ 1 million in value due to its devastation.

One source told The Sun in January of this year:

“She will do everything she can to bring it back to her former glory and make it something of value again. It’s a real disaster for her.”

Supernatural sightings

Katie previously claimed that there was evidence of a photo of an eerie event at her McKee Mansion.

She talked about how to speak to a spiritual candle that left her friend “in tears” with what she revealed.

Katie Price claimed she had previously caught a ghost at her parents' home
Katie Price claimed she had previously caught a ghost at her parents’ home

In The Fellas podcast, Katie describes her home as follows: I’m taking a picture of a boy sitting on the top floor.

“I have a picture of a man going through a mirror. I put it all in a video and posted it on Instagram. You can search it on Google!”

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Katie Price's largest McKee Mansion scandal, including robbery and illegal dumping

Source link Katie Price's largest McKee Mansion scandal, including robbery and illegal dumping

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