Katie Price’s family “urged her to return to rehabilitate her unstable behavior.”

Katie Price After her recent “unstable behavior”, her family reportedly urged her to return to rehab.

43-year-old Katie First arrested in September 2021 After crashing a car with both drunk driving and license suspension.

The five mothers avoided prison after she was put in jail. Suspended sentence Three months later.

She has since been reported to have violated the law. Arrested for violating detention order By contacting her ex-husband Keeran HaylerFiancée.

Katie is now Facing a prisonInspiring her family, she encouraged a 43-year-old child to return to the monastery for further treatment.

Katie Price is allegedly advised by her family to return to Priority.

According to sources mirror: “Her life is so chaotic and everywhere. She needs a period of readjustment and rehab is currently the best option.”

Katie was also confiscated after being arrested on Friday, January 21st.

“She was informed that she had been confiscated for evidence, and police officers showed no sign of whether it would be returned,” sources said. “She was distraught.”

A Sussex police spokesman said of Friday’s arrest: “At 5:45 pm on Friday (January 21st), police responded to reports that the suspect had violated the detention order.”

understood! I’m asking Katie’s representative for comment.

Katie Price's children, Jr. and Princess, broke silence after ranting at their stepmother Emily.
Michelle Penty Cost was first given a restraint order to Katie in 2019

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Katie was given a five-year detention order in 2019 after sworn to Kieran’s fiancé Michel Penticost at the school playground and was banned from contacting Michelle “directly or indirectly”. rice field.

In an out-of-court statement after the 2019 conviction, Katie said:

“In fact, I have never been charged with any form of threatening behavior.

“I swore, but the rest is just exaggerated nonsense.”

Katie abandoned her hair extension for a short bob
Katie was first arrested in September 2021 for crashing a car while driving drunk.

Keeran Hayler denied allegations
Keeran Hayler and Michelle Pentikos share baby son Apollo together

Katie Recently discussed her stint at the Good Morning Britain monastery, She revealed that she would be treated “every week and forever”.

“They could have done so, and the events leading up to it were really traumatic, and it was still traumatic, so I’m not ready to talk about it yet,” said reality TV star. Said to Susanna Reed.

“But all I can say is that obviously I went to Priory and finally decided to meet the therapist forever every week to deal with the traumatic events that took me to that car. ..

“I’m very good at hiding things, but when I’m ready to talk about it, I’ll come and talk about it.”

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Katie Price's family "urged her to return to rehabilitate her unstable behavior."

Source link Katie Price's family "urged her to return to rehabilitate her unstable behavior."

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