Katie Price’s boyfriend, Carl Woods, gives her two bouquets worth £ 10,000 on Valentine’s Day.

Katie Price Her love islander boyfriend, Karl Woods, gave her two bouquets worth £ 5,000 each, so she was one lucky girl on Valentine’s Day.

Recently 42 years old Seeing her terminally ill mother struggling to breathe, she shared her heartache. Seen in the photo obtained by, with flowers outside Karl’s house in Essex Sun online.

The previous glamor model was shining when she had one bouquet of white and pink roses Endura Rose The other half of her had a single rose that was reportedly soaked in 22 carats of gold.

Katie took the opportunity to wear a white jumper and point her mane straight down, with a surprised and ecstatic smile.

Carl Woods spent £ 10,000 on two bouquets of Katie Price on Valentine’s Day

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Karl, 31 years old. Half recently remained smoked after the woman sent him a racy messageThis time he seemed happy with himself, as he wore a gray and white truck suit while standing by the door, before the TV personality kissed him. ..

“Karl wanted to make the day really special, so he splattered into two bouquets, each worth £ 5,000,” a source told The Sun.

The insider continued: “It’s a lot of money, but he says Katie is worth it – it’s their first Valentine’s Day together and he tells what she means to him. I wanted to show her.

Katie’s representative confirmed the price of the bouquet OK! online.

Karl presented Katie with a rose allegedly soaked in 22 carats of gold.

“He ordered two types to make sure he got Katie’s special gift spot. She should love it.”

The couple have been dating since June 2020 and want to tie a knot and have children.

Talk to New magazine In December about engagement, a real-life star erupted: “He says it will happen when I don’t expect it the most.

Katie Price's dream is to have twins with Carl Woods
Katie and Karl are already planning their future wedding

“We are 100% engaged and get married. But he doesn’t tell me when. He says it’s coming soon.”

She continued: “We already know exactly how we do our wedding. We planned it all, and we don’t tell anyone. !!

“Usually the people involved might push someone more, but it’s not. We know it happens anyway. There’s no stress.”

Katie Price says doctors were shocked that she wasn't paralyzed or dead
Katie said she wanted Karl and “as many kids as possible”

The beloved pair was also not shy to reveal that they were looking for a baby, As Katie recently admitted, she wanted to get pregnant.

“We are trying now,” Katie said. “Every month, I’m me?” And “Oh, don’t worry, let’s try again.” It happens when it happens.

And when it came to how many kids Katie and Karl wanted, she said, “I’ll have as many kids as I can.” After that, Karl added: “I want two, I want a total of seven Kate, so math really works.”

Katie Price's boyfriend, Carl Woods, gives her two bouquets worth £ 10,000 on Valentine's Day.

Source link Katie Price's boyfriend, Carl Woods, gives her two bouquets worth £ 10,000 on Valentine's Day.

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