Katie Price’Chasing Jordan’s Past Ghosts’ On the OnlyFans Channel’Saving Her Career’

the next day Katie Price Announced her latest career venture- Her own OnlyFans channel -Sources claim that the model is “sticking” to the success of her alter ego Jordan, hoping that this comeback will turn her career around.

Sources said understood! Katie, 43, wants to somehow return to her career success by returning to modeling on a subscription site in her 40s.

“Jordan is back in her head,” a source said. Jordan is back to save her career. “

“She knows Jordan was great at the time, so she’s sticking to it,” the sources added, before suggesting that the five mothers were “chasing the ghosts of the past.”

Katie Price is said to want Jordan’s comeback

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“She wants to relive that moment in her life, which is comforting her,” the source continued. “She thinks this will bring her back to everything she achieved in the first place. She wants people to love her again.”

understood! We asked Katie’s representative for comment.

Katie- A person recently arrested for violating a restriction order -When she first appeared in the glamor model scene in 1996 and announced her career moves, her beloved mother was “very excited” to do “what she knows best” again. I’m doing it. “

Katie Price “wants to relive that part of her career,” sources claim.

While McKee Mansion Star This year, I vowed to marry 32-year-old Karl and give birth to a baby., She dressed as a nun at her press event and photocall, as she said: “Doing my only fan channel was born for me to do.

“I’ve been doing it for years. That’s all I know. I’m breathing it alive. I’m accepting it. I’m in my 40s and there Doing it for every woman in. ”

She continued: “You own your own body and you are in charge of it, [it’s] Your rules.

Katie Price knows she was successful in the Jordan era

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“You know I’m bloody with it because it made me. I’m so excited, no one is in my way.”

When asked why she launched the OnlyFans channel, Katie replied:

“There are so many young girls doing this and I know I’m as good as them. I’m accepting myself. I’m a feminist.”

Katie Price announces remodeling with new OnlyFans channel

Katie reveals that her fiancé Karl and her children are in full support of her modeling comeback, admitting:

“My family supports me. My family is wonderful. They have seen everything. They have seen the content.”

She added: “As if you were a soccer player or boxer, it is robbed of them and the topic is robbed. [then] What do they do? “

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Katie Price'Chasing Jordan's Past Ghosts' On the OnlyFans Channel'Saving Her Career'

Source link Katie Price'Chasing Jordan's Past Ghosts' On the OnlyFans Channel'Saving Her Career'

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