Katie Price will not face further action in a crash as “disappointed” police cannot appeal the decision

Katie Price Sussex police cannot appeal the decision, so they will not face any further proceedings regarding her car accident last year.

The former glamor model barely escaped being sent to jail On Wednesday, December 15, the Magistrates’ Court of Crawley received a suspended sentence.

The 43-year-old boy was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison with suspended sentence after being convicted of driving, disqualified driving, and uninsured driving after a crash near his home in Sussex in September 2021. It was done.

Sussex police had plans to appeal the ruling, but a military spokesperson told Sun on Sunday, January 9, “there is no legal basis to initiate an appeal.”

Katie Price does not face further action from police

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A Force spokesman added, “This is a shame.”

understood!online I contacted the Sussex police for further comments.

Following her decision, Katie took up her Instagram story and issued a statement vowing to “work on her mental health.”

“There is no legal basis to initiate an appeal,” Sussex police said.

“I want to thank my family, my kids, my mother, my father, my sisters, my brothers, my partners Karl, Lee, and my friends who have supported me over the last few months,” she began.

She went on to explain that she understood the dangerous situation she was in. “It was a really difficult time. I am very sorry for my actions. I am deeply grateful that no one was injured. It may have caused me as well as other family members. “

After that, Katie promised to continue working on mental health. “I’m spending time improving now. Mental health is a hidden illness that can be attacked at any time.

Katie issued a statement after the ruling

Katie said she spends her time working on her mental health

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“The triggers that cause my anxiety and behavior are what I am trying to learn to understand, understand, and control my progress.

“This is a long process for me and I will continue to work on it, and I will be able to work with my family and move on to new chapters together.”

Thank you to Katie, a fan recently. Put on a unified front with fiancé Carl Woods In her court appearance, she added: “Thank you for all the messages of goodwill I received.

Katie thanked her family for their support

“I will continue to work with my loved ones, surrounded by my loved ones and friends, because it brings me fun and helps my mental health. Thank you everyone.”

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Katie Price will not face further action in a crash as "disappointed" police cannot appeal the decision

Source link Katie Price will not face further action in a crash as "disappointed" police cannot appeal the decision

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