Katie Price was criticized for carrying a new puppy while riding

Katie Price When she went horseback riding with her fiancé, she faced criticism that she decided to take her new Chihuahua puppy. Carl Woods..

43 years old, A person wearing a “baby” necklace to fuel speculation about pregnancySeen on a horse in Karl’s Instagram story, and fans quickly found her dog buddy in her jacket while she was trotting with her.

After going out and walking around in the fresh air, Katie shared a photo of her kissing a puppy and wrote: [is] Very cute he loves my hugs “with two love heart emojis.

But after seeing the star take Buddy out on a horse, Katie was flooded with comments from believers concerned that she shouldn’t be in charge of her pet.

Katie Price has been criticized for taking her puppy out on a horse

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“How long will this last?” One of her followers commented before anyone added: “Why do you push a buddy into your jacket and go horseback riding?”

“You should hold both reigns. If your horse becomes creepy and you are thrown out, the poor dog will be crushed.”

Another co-owner: “Pets are more than posing pawns.

Katie Price saw her dog kissing a buddy
Katie Price saw her dog kissing a buddy

“They need love, time, care, and attention.”

Another social media user wrote, “Take care of your dog,” but one fan said, “No more dogs should be banned.”

“It should be forbidden to stop animals at the end,” Katie fired a sixth.

Katie Price has lost many of her pets and fans are worried
Katie Price has lost many of her pets and fans are worried

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Fans have long been worried about Katie’s animals, as some of the animal additions to her family didn’t last long.

In a recent case, the star handed over the French Bulldog to a companion last September.

This happened after the dog Lolo, who gave her daughter Princess on her 13th birthday. Died tragically after getting stuck in an electric bed in 2020..

Katie Price's daughter Bunny is holding a buddy
Katie Price’s daughter Bunny is holding a buddy

Katie’s Alsatians (named Sparkle) bumped into a car when they left home and jumped out onto the road.

Come after it is reported Katie’s children, Princess (14) and Junior (16), “refuse” to live at home. After it’s announced, Channel 4 will release Katie’s “Turn McKee Mansion Home Again” show.

“While they were filming, Katie was angry when she heard that Princess and Jr. hated the house,” sources told Sun.

“She says she doesn’t like it, but she really wants to turn the house around. She’s redone all the bedrooms and made it the right house again.”

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Katie Price was criticized for carrying a new puppy while riding

Source link Katie Price was criticized for carrying a new puppy while riding

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