Katie Price vows to dry in January to put her mind in the right place for 2022 after avoiding prison

Katie Price toasts spending Christmas from prison by embarking on a dry January.

The sun can reveal that the 43-year-old is leaving for a New Year’s health drive as she tries to prove to family and friends who are determined to turn her life around.


Katie Price wants to stop drinking in JanuaryCredit: BackGrid
Five mothers spent most of Christmas in jail


Five mothers spent most of Christmas in jailCredit: Instagram

One source told The Sun: She has a second chance and is determined to make the most of it.

“Usually Katie will drink a few cups at Christmas, but she will hit it on her head and do a dry January to get her mind and body right for 2022.

“She is determined not to make the same mistakes next year as in the past few months.

“Her family is happy because she just wants to see Katie return to her best.”

Katie’s vow comes after it becomes clear that she is planning a book that tells everything new about the recent trial.

We told you last week that she plans to “name and embarrass” her enemies in her eighth autobiography.

She has seen a significant proportion of her drama this year alone-assaulting her at home, crashing a Range Rover, and confessing that she is under the influence of drunk driving and drugs.

Katie also spent time in priority after her family urged her to seek help following alcohol and drug drinking.

Now the sun can reveal that it puts the pen on the paper again to expose the enemy.

One source said: “Katey contacted the publisher and said it would be the most explosive thing she’s ever done.

“From the line with her exe, escape the prison and have a car accident-she plans to go all-in and name and embarrass the enemy.

“It focuses heavily on mental health and how she worked on her at The Priory, and hopes readers and fans will be inspired by how she overcame her tough years. Anyone can do it if they can. “

Katie has released seven life stories. Being Jordan was published in 2004, followed by A Whole New World, Pushed to the Limit, You Only Live Once, Love, Lipstick and Lies, and 2016’s Reborn.

Her latest work, Harvey and Me, was released this year and records the relationship between five mothers with their eldest son, who suffers from many symptoms such as autism, blindness, and the hereditary disease Prader-Willi Syndrome.

But even that release when Katie’s first husband, Peter Andre, instructed a lawyer to send legal letters and evidence after alleging that he refused to contact 19-year-old Harvey. It wasn’t without the drama. Split in 2009.

One source said:

“He tried to meet him hundreds of times.

“Pete is fed up with Katie’s lies and is dragged into her life again.

“He doesn’t want her to talk about him. He doesn’t talk about her, she needs to stop talking about him.”

When Katie’s second husband, Keeran Halar (she shares Jet (7 years old) and Bunny (6 years old)) recently beat her and was arrested after a car accident, he was “not surprised”. I told Sun.

“When I saw her arrested, I never thought so,” he added, “it’s always very drama.”

The sun asked Katie for comment.

43 years old is turning her life around


43 years old is turning her life aroundCredit: Instagram
Katie Price counterattacked when she revealed her plans for Christmas when she saw sharing children with Peter Andre.

Katie Price vows to dry in January to put her mind in the right place for 2022 after avoiding prison

Source link Katie Price vows to dry in January to put her mind in the right place for 2022 after avoiding prison

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