Katie Price should be put in jail

According to her ex-husband, Katie Price “should be put in jail” after being disqualified and uninsured, allowing drunk driving and drug driving.

Former builder Keeran HaylerI have two children of a former glamor model who had problems, added:


According to her ex-husband, Katie Price “should be put in jail” after being disqualified and uninsured for drunk driving and drug driving.
In an exclusive interview after Katie, 43, was sentenced to probation on Wednesday, Kieran was shocked by the scope of her recent incident when she was photographed with children Jet and Bunny. Admitted that


In an exclusive interview after Katie, 43, was sentenced to probation on Wednesday, Kieran was shocked by the scope of her recent incident when she was photographed with children Jet and Bunny. Admitted that
Kieran and Katie got married in 2013


Kieran and Katie got married in 2013

In a later exclusive interview 43-year-old Katie was sentenced to imprisonment with suspended sentence on WednesdayHe admitted that he was shocked by the scope of her recent incident.

Kieran, 34, tells Sun: It’s very serious.

“Someone will get hurt Katie You are allowed to continue like her.

“When I saw her arrested, I thought,’Oh, never again.’ It’s always a drama. Lots of dramas. “

Katie crashed a BMW near her home in West Sussex in September of this year after dropping vodka and drinking cocaine. She had already been banned from driving six times.

She was not charged with drug crimes, but allowed her to drive while she was banned and affected by the Magistrates’ Court the next day.

Her decision was postponed, understanding that she had attended the rehab facility The Priory for treatment, and did not commit any further crimes.

It was this The loophole that allowed her to avoid the prison When she returned for a ruling this week, she effectively tied the judge’s hand.

District Judge Amanda Kelly acknowledged her own frustration and said, “You deserve to spend Christmas behind the bar.”

“She knew she was down.”

Instead, she was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, with a 12-month suspended sentence, 100 hours of unpaid work, 20 rehabilitation tasks with probation, and a two-year ban.

The Police are currently considering ways to appeal the decision..

Kieran said: “Of course, I was shocked by the drugs and drinking.

“At least she admitted it and it was clean, but from the outside That sentence seems generous to me..

“I don’t know if she’s famous, but I understand why people say it. It’s really a loophole.

“I know people were put in jail at less cost.

“So many thought she would get off and spend some time, but Katie knew in advance that she wasn’t going to jail.

“From her actions in the last few weeks, it seems clear that she knew she was going down.

“And when she talks to the kids, they will be planning to do something over the next few weeks.

“She knew she was down. I don’t know if her lawyer had already told her that, but she’s very lucky.

“She should go to jail.”

The pair shares a daughter Bunny (7 years old) and a son Jet (8 years old) who got married at a spectacular ceremony in the Bahamas in 2013.

They split in May 2018 on allegations of unfaithfulness and officially divorced this year, but are in contact for co-parenting.

Kieran explains:Many things are happening in children’s lives The fact that their mother goes to court is pushed deep into their hearts.

“But Kate told them about it. When she recently entered The Priory, I told them about it. I had to explain to them.

“She was in contact with the kids when she was in Priority, so I knew why she was there, but it’s very difficult to talk to the kids. The kids are 7 years old. I’m 8 years old.

“In reality, I don’t think they really understand, but my goal is to get them to understand what’s right and what’s wrong.

“It’s very difficult to explain it to them. Lawyers effectively said that no one else knew because they had a loophole by going to the monastery. I knew it clearly.

“But there are clearly laws you can avoid, but I have to think about my children.

“Kate needs to understand what she has done wrong and that it affects her behavior.

“We both need to raise our children and learn that they must not violate the law, and that if they do, it is the law and has consequences.

“If you violate the law, bad things happen. If she had gone to jail, I would have explained it to the children.

“I would have been very open to them and doing it in a sensitive way, but I couldn’t tell them that she went on vacation or something.

“They would have noticed immediately, and that would have meant a prison visit.”

She is a car crash

October 2003: Dodge technical speed violations.

JUnited Nations 2008: Three penalty points for speaking on mobile.

July 2010: 4 points for 99mph.

September: 3 points to turn away from her lane with a 7½ ton pink horse box.

December: 6 months ban after 3 points of 83mph in the 70mph zone.

August 2012: 12 months ban after failing to respond to two speed tickets.

February 2018: The six-month ban on failure reveals who was driving her speed-violating car.

July: I was quized by the police because I was holding the steering wheel while I was banned. She says she thought the ban was over.

September: Reportably crashes a £ 63K Range Rover on her cell phone.

October: Suspicion of drunk driving. Spend the night in a prison cell.

December: I was charged with a drink drive allegation.

January 2019: 3 months ban on disqualified driving.

February: Prohibition for 3 months after conviction of another driving.

autumn: 6th ban, this time 2 years. Shortened to 18 months by appeal.

March 1, 2021: I drive my boyfriend’s car. The admin error meant that no more 6 months were added under the additional rules. Quiz to the police.

September: He was arrested after handing over BMW for drinking and drugs.

Katie, who has been married three times and has five children, is now engaged to a 32-year-old car dealer, Carl Woods. She avoided formal drug accusations as part of a court hearing, but admitted that she was using cocaine on the night of the case.

Now Kieran should be aware of how lucky she was to get a second chance to keep herself clean and focus on being “the best mother she can” for her children. Is called.

“She talks to her kids every night on FaceTime.”

He added: She spent time rehab and was now able to avoid prison.

“She can’t ruin such an opportunity. I honestly believed that everything was much better with her.

“We’re not involved in any personal life other than children, so I honestly thought it was okay, but I don’t know why.

“Only Kate will know why she took the medicine and grabbed the handle. She has to understand it in her head.

“If something bad is happening in her life, she needs to be aware that there are other options in her life.

“But I can’t comment on her relationship because I’m not involved in that aspect of her life.”

Despite the split, the pair is in regular contact to discuss current and future shared parenting arrangements. Kieran claims that there is a lot to do before things get back to normal again.

The specific details of their childcare arrangements remain legally private, but Keeran explained:

“At this point, it’s all done in The Priory, so it’s not that much.

“But she sees the kids and talks to them every night on FaceTime.

“It’s up to Kate to see everything go back to normal in the future.

“I think she’s changing her life. I hope she can, I really do.

“I’m not here to get rid of Kate. She wants to be the best mother for her children.

“Katey can do her best version when she’s around.” A court hearing also revealed that Katie didn’t pay the previous court fine of £ 7,000 for a traffic violation. did. This is hardly a surprise to Keeran.

He added: “I didn’t know that Katie wasn’t paying a £ 7,000 fine. I didn’t know anything about it.

“Kate’s defense said she wasn’t in very good financial condition. When I read, she wasn’t paying a fine.

She pushes the papers into the drawer — that’s exactly what it is. “

Kieran, 34, who talks about Katie's latest crime, told the Sun: It ’s very serious. ”


Kieran, 34, who talks about Katie’s latest crime, told the Sun: It ’s very serious. ”
Carl Woods and Katie


Carl Woods and Katie
Katie crashed a BMW near her home in West Sussex in September of this year after dropping vodka and drinking cocaine.


Katie crashed a BMW near her home in West Sussex in September of this year after dropping vodka and drinking cocaine.
Katie and her five children


Katie and her five children

“I apologize for my actions.”

The shameful star finally publicly apologized for her behavior and yesterday issued a statement she said “incredibly sorry.”

Since then, it has become clear that police are considering appealing a suspended sentence.

She states: “Thanks to my family, my kids, my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother, my partner Karl, Lee, and my friends who have supported me over the last few months.

“It was a really difficult time. I can’t believe it. I’m sorry for my actions – I am deeply grateful that no one was injured – I am aware that my actions may have caused damage not only to other family members but also to myself.

“I’m spending time improving now. Mental health is a hidden illness that can be attacked at any time.

“The triggers that cause my anxiety and behavior are what I am trying to learn to understand, understand, and control my progress.

“This is a long process for me and I will continue to work on it.

“It’s also something I can work on with my family and we can move on to new chapters together.”

She added: “Thank you for all the messages of goodwill I received.

“I will continue to work with my loved ones, surrounded by my loved ones and friends, because it brings me fun and helps me with my mental health.

“Thanks guys.”

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Katie Price should be put in jail

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