Katie Price “shoots Akumaharai” at McKee Mansion for Junior’s “Haunted House”

Katie Price He reportedly filmed her new show, Mucky Mansion, for Akumaharai for his son’s junior haunted house.

The star had previously revealed that her house was haunted, and she saw herself a spirit, and now it is reported that she has done a demon expulsion, especially in one room.

The previous glamor model A camera came to her West Sussex home and filmed her new Channel 4 show, McKee Mansion.

Katie, 43, said in the past that a little boy’s ghost and other spirits were in her pad.

However, she wasn’t happy with the additional guests and seemed to want to get rid of the ghosts before starting the renovation of the mansion.

Katie Price is reported to have paid off the devil at her house

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according to Sun, Katie dispelled the devil in her son’s junior bedroom.

But due to its horrifying nature, it’s unclear if the scene will air on a new television show.

One source said, “Katie filmed Akumaharai at the top of the house, where she believes a ghost appears because of the camera, which is due to the junior bedroom.

“It was so creepy that no one knows if it will air, but I hope the ghosts will be banished forever and turned into a happy home.”

Katie refurbishes her home

Recently, it was announced that Katie has her own new program to renovate a devastated mansion.

Not long ago, Katie claimed to have a psychic candle that not only answers the question, but also meets the people in her home.

Speak in Fellas Podcast She said: “It’s definitely a ghost. I took a picture of a little boy sitting on my top floor.

“I have a picture of a man going through a mirror. I put it all in a video.

The show will air in 2 weeks

Son Jr. and Katie

“And I talk to the candle flame and it reacts. I talk to you. My life is all nuts. When I talk and bring out something I didn’t know, I tear my friends I let it flow. Candles. “

Katie bought a house for £ 2m from former Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude in 2014, but has been struggling ever since.

In 2020, several intruders broke into the house and passed through five private mothers.

She was targeted by a thief who stole a personal photo last year.

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Katie Price "shoots Akumaharai" at McKee Mansion for Junior's "Haunted House"

Source link Katie Price "shoots Akumaharai" at McKee Mansion for Junior's "Haunted House"

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