Katie Price says she has begun planning a funeral for her late mother Amy

Katie Price He said he was open about his mother Amy’s terminal illness and talked about the 69-year-old funeral.

Amy was diagnosed Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) 2017-A condition that causes scarring in the lungs and affects breathing. Amy had previously discussed her diagnosis of Loose Women when she said her condition was terminal.

In an exclusive excerpt from her new book, Katie Price: Harvey and I, Katie says her mother “accepted” her illness.

She explains: “I know she accepted it, and even if I’m sure it’s in her mind every day, she doesn’t stick to it.

Katie and her mom, Amy price

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Katie continues. “As I said, she was always the exact opposite of me in that regard. Her attitude towards the illness was the same as when she was told about Harvey’s condition.

“I’m half a glass empty and she’s half a glass.”

Katie added that she was forced to accept the situation, explaining: She has an incurable illness, and that’s the reality. “

Katie went on to explain to her mother about the funeral and asked what Amy wanted.

She explains: “I think it’s a terrible story, but once I knew the prognosis, I told my mother about the funeral and what she wanted. If they knew what they wanted, organize the funeral. I think it’s much easier. “

Amy is close to all her children and grandchildren
The princess shared a tribute to Amy on her birthday

Katie went on to say that her mother’s vital capacity had deteriorated: “Currently, her lung capacity is only about 32%, but the average person is about 100%. So how she’s out of breath I can imagine. “”

Talking about Amy’s daily life-including her time with her grandson Harvey, 19-Katey explains that Amy gets tired easily.

She states: “She is also tired easily, so I can’t spend as much time with Harvey as I used to. Now I’m also using oxygen.

Katie is open about her mother's funeral plans
Katie is open about her mother’s funeral plans

“Once I start using oxygen in my head, I find it difficult to deal with because I know what will happen next.

“Whenever she speaks, she coughs and gasps, but she doesn’t like to rely on it, so she’s always reluctant to raise her oxygen levels.

“It’s sad that she looks like that.”

Earlier this month, Amy celebrated her 69th birthday, Katie’s kids shared a tribute to their grandmother On her special day.

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Katie Price says she has begun planning a funeral for her late mother Amy

Source link Katie Price says she has begun planning a funeral for her late mother Amy

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