Katie Price says she “dislikes” Peter Andre and ex-Keelan Halar in a shock attack saying “there is no relationship”

Katie Price launched an unusual attack on her Exe Peter Andre and Keeran Hayler. She shares two children each.

NS Mother of 5 During an online rant, he blamed the pair and declared: “I hate my dad.”


Katie Price launches a shocking attack on Peter Andre and Keeran HalarCredit: Instagram


Katie has been married to Peter for four years and shares a junior and princess with a singer.Credit: Rex

Former glamor girl, 43, married both singers Peter When Kieran -Her divorce from Kieran, divorced two years ago, was confirmed earlier this year.

Katie shares a princess (14 years old) with Peter, a junior (16 years old) who married between 2005 and 2009.

The stars have eight jets, seven bunnies, and personal trainer Kieran.

Children usually divide their time between their parents. Katie is also the mother of 19-year-old Harvey, the son of former soccer player Dwight Yorke.

Chat on the Netmums podcast, Sweat, booger, tears, Katie was asked: “How well do you co-parent with your children’s dad? Is it difficult …?”

Disturbing the host, she declared:

“I hate my dad.

“Priority 1 and Priority 2. That’s all I’m saying.

“My relationship with them doesn’t exist.”

Katie, detailed for the presenter, continues: They are direct.

“One dad hasn’t contacted me at all and is always trying to control me.

“And another dad, I can’t stand him, but we talk for the kids.”

Reality Star shares his wealth of experience in co-parenting and tells listeners:

“If you hate other parents, don’t let your child know, just do your best for your child.

“I want a happy house when they are with you, and a happy house when they go to them.”


She emphasized: “Don’t argue in front of them, just please them. It’s not important to say in a closed room when you insist. Don’t let the kids hear it.

“Always think of children. They want a mother, they want a father.

“Let your child see both parents. Never use your child, just let you hate the other half of you.”

Katie also opposed Las Vegas Peter and Keeran earlier this month after traveling to Las Vegas with her boyfriend Carl Woods.

After Katie was seen getting a marriage license with Karl, the pair was said to be furious that the children had no say in the matter, and a friend said her apparent remarriage. Branded the decision as “selfish”.

Sources said Email: “Kielan and Peter are alive. Katie doesn’t take the children’s feelings into account and is completely behind everyone.

“Pete has already sent a legal letter today. Keeran feels that Karl is his first priority, is a very selfish mother, and what she cares about is her relationship with him. I just did this. “

Katie responded to her Instagram claim, accusing her of both exes having a negative impact on her mental health, adding: The kids. It is unfair to use children as pawns. “

32-year-old Karl later got a marriage license Elaborate prank And the pair never tied a knot.


Reality Star has two other children with KieranCredit: Getty


The pair’s divorce was confirmed earlier this yearCredits: Getty-Contributor


Katie and Peter have a happy time with their son Jr.Credit: Getty


Katie has a total of five children, including her eldest daughter, Harvey.Credits: Social Media-See Source
Katie Price has broken silence since getting a marriage license with Karl Woods in a video of a couple driving at 3 am

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Katie Price says she “dislikes” Peter Andre and ex-Keelan Halar in a shock attack saying “there is no relationship”

Source link Katie Price says she “dislikes” Peter Andre and ex-Keelan Halar in a shock attack saying “there is no relationship”

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