Katie Price says her daughter is bullied at school for fake boobs and wigs

Katie Price The school bully said she cursed her youngest daughter with her fake boobs and wigs.

Recently 43 years old I was delighted with the early Christmas presents, leaving my son Harvey (19 years old) behind. Her time in the spotlight became open about how she influenced her five kids during the show Netmums Sweat, Snot & Tears podcast.

Reality star described a bunny, 7 years old, she shares with her ex-husband Keeran Hayler, Receives nasty comments as a result of her mom’s very public life.

“Bunny at school, she gets comments from other kids,” Katie shared. “There was a time when I was wearing a wig. I was trying to grow my hair because I had a bald part due to stress.

Katie Price said her daughter was bullied at school with fake boobs and wigs

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“I remember Bunny saying,’Mom, some of the school kids, why is your mom wearing a wig? And she has fake boobs.'”

The television personality is also the mother of sons Jet (8 years old) and Kieran (16 years old), Princess (14 years old) and ex-husband Peter Andre.

Katie recently The father of her children “dislikes” and said their relationship “does not exist.” “It’s a unique job I do, so it’s not the usual conversation kids usually have with friends.

Katie said she wore a wig to cover the bald patch

“Jet says,’Mom, my friends always say, why is your mom famous? What does she do?’

“They ask me these questions, juniors and princesses are the age at which they know everything because they lived and breathed it.

“But it’s hard for them. What do you say? My job is not like other parents.”

Katie said her life in the spotlight was “tough” for her children

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When asked if any of her children would follow in her footsteps into the entertainment industry, she said she didn’t think the two of her youngest would.

“Jet and Bunny don’t, but Junior and Princess do. Junior has just signed his record deal. His albums and singles will be released shortly,” she explained.

Katie continued. “The princess has a million percent will. She loves everything on her YouTube. And that’s the way forward. It’s very different from when I started.”

Katie believes juniors and princesses will enter the entertainment world

As she added, the star hit a troll.

“You’re half-naked on Instagram and airbrushing photos that don’t look like you on catfish. Then all this money is paid to make the post. We actually If you meet you, you won’t see it. That’s how. “

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Katie Price says her daughter is bullied at school for fake boobs and wigs

Source link Katie Price says her daughter is bullied at school for fake boobs and wigs

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