Katie Price said, “The joke is over.”

Katie Price was urged by worried fans to return to their children’s home after flying to Las Vegas for a fake wedding.

NS 43 years old She dropped a hint in Sin City that she was set to marry her fiancé Karl Woods in the last few days-but last night revealed that it was part of everything. Elaborate prank..


Katie Price was urged by her children to go homeCredit: Social Media-


Five mothers are currently with Karl in Las Vegas

Her disgust, which came just weeks after she left The Priory, confused her followers and led to a cruel troll blaming her for a series of nasty comments.

The five moms made enthusiastic remarks after sharing a photo of Karl and erupting. (Sic). “

One nasty believer writes: Does your grandmother think you should fix yourself now? Shameful mom. “

Another said:

As another pleaded, the worried fan begged, “Katie, I love you, but you have to stop this.” Go home. NS “

Someone else wrote: “Poor Harvey 😢 Choosing a man over him again should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Are you in rehab? Are you with your family? Katie thinks your family needs to stop calling attention,” added a source.

Wedding prank

Fans visited the Romano Chapel at Caesars Palace after getting a wedding license, hoping to get married this weekend after Karl and Katie were photographed at the bridal shop.

Katie, filming in an intimate marriage suite, teased that they were already married on Instagram and wrote, “Completed and dusted.”

But last night, Karl set the record straight, claiming it was all a joke.

He posted: “You can see Katie Price. I’m not married in Las Vegas and I’ve never been married. But A $ 102 Marriage License Caused a Pure Massacre Excited and excited the media. “

Unhappy dad

The wedding outlook didn’t go well with Katie’s exe back in the UK.

Peter Andre and Keeran Hayler were said to be furious that no ceremony took into account the feelings of the children.

One source said last week, “Pete has already sent a legal letter. Keeran feels that Karl is his first priority, a very selfish mother, and what she cares about. It’s just a relationship with him. “

Pete shared the children’s junior (16) and princess (14) with Katie, and she shared Bunny (7) and Jet (8) with Keeran Hayler.

She is also the mother of 19-year-old Harvey because of her relationship with Dwight Yorke.


Fans are worried that Harvey has lost her motherCredit: Instagram


Katie caused a series of worrisome comments when posting about KarlCredit: instagram


Katie and Karl were seen getting a marriage license, but said it was all a joke
Katie Price hints that she married Karl Woods while sharing a photo from within a “beautiful” chapel in Las Vegas.

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Katie Price said, “The joke is over.”

Source link Katie Price said, “The joke is over.”

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