Katie Price reveals that she wants to spend Christmas with Carl Woods and Harvey at “McKee Mansion”

new! During an exclusive interview with Katie Price – Who is currently waiting for a decision after her September drunk driving crash – Opened up about her vacation plans.

Katie has revealed that she will spend Christmas at her home in Horsham. “McKee Mansion” – With fiancé Carl Woods and 19-year-old son Harvey, the other children spend the day with their father.

Harvey, with many complex symptoms such as septo-optic dysplasia, autism, and Prader-Willi syndrome, returns during the festival. After spending more than 3 months at National Star College in Cheltenham..

Katie Price plans to spend Christmas with Karl and Harvey at “McKee Mansion”

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Five mothers, 43, explain: “Harvey is going home for Christmas and New Year. Harvey and Karl are me. [Woods, her fiancé].. “

She continued. “This year is my dad’s turn, so I have no other children this year. I had them last year.. And obviously I meet my mother and my family. We are in my house in Horsham-I will be back here forever and love it. “

Katie denied that she would lose £ 1.35 million in property after rumors spread that it would be regained.

A former glamor model who recently finished a stint in rehab said: New arrival! How much does Harvey enjoy his college time?

Katie never spends Christmas day with the other four kids.

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“He loves it,” she revealed. “I always visit him every weekend. Before he went to college, he met me every weekend, so I didn’t want to change that.

“If so, he wouldn’t understand why I didn’t see him, so I’m always trying.”

Katie opens up about her new memoir, Harvey and Me: A Big Change in Mother’s Love.

Until Christmas begins, Katie and Harvey seem to enjoy more of the same thing as preparing for the festival.

She revealed what the pair was doing during the visit. “I always take him out. When he was at home, I spent a lot of time cleaning up him, which obviously didn’t bother me.

Katie also talked about what she and Harvey were doing when they visited him.

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“But now he’s being taken care of in college, so when I meet him, we can spend the right quality time together-it’s great.”

She continued. “Last weekend I took him to buy a Christmas tree, then we went to the gardening center and got him a lot of boring things and ornaments. We made it all college. I returned to his little apartment and prepared everything.

“He loves to see all the Christmas illuminations that are common to people with autism.”

Interview with Georgia Trebit.Harvey and I: Mother’s Love by Katie Price is published by Mirror Books and is currently available at all great bookstores, some supermarkets, and Amazon.

Katie Price reveals that she wants to spend Christmas with Carl Woods and Harvey at "McKee Mansion"

Source link Katie Price reveals that she wants to spend Christmas with Carl Woods and Harvey at "McKee Mansion"

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