Katie Price marries “biggest supporter” Karl Woods and vows to have a baby this year.

Katie Price She believes that 2022 will be “her year” because she announced she will be lLaunch the OnlyFans channel to promote “100% body positivity”.

Mother of 5 – A person allegedly arrested for violating a restriction order – Arriving at the glamor model scene in 1996 and speaking at a press event and photocall on Wednesday, January 26, she revealed that she was “very excited” to return to doing her best. I made it.

Her latest venture, Katie, 43, says she’s looking forward to this year as she plans to marry her fiancé and “massive supporter” Karl Woods and have children. Told.

“I will get married this year,” said the star. “I’m looking forward to it. You’ll see! The baby is on the horizon. This is my year. 22 is my lucky number and it’s 22 years. My birthday is 22. I don’t disturb anything .. “

Katie Price vows to marry Karl Woods this year

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When asked about having a child, she stated, “I’m not pregnant, but hopefully I’ll get pregnant. I’m definitely getting married.”

Katie added that Karl fully supports her latest career move and shares details about her and her future husband together.

“Karl is my big supporter. He’s excited. We travel to different countries. It’s all an adventure. My family supports me. My family is great. They looked at everything and looked at the content. They were like: “Why not?”

Katie Price says Karl is her “massive supporter”

She continued: “It’s as if you were a soccer player or a boxer, it’s robbed of them, and the topic is robbed, [then] What do they do?

“It’s the same for me. They suddenly stopped it, but now I’m doing it again. I’m excited.”

The TV star admitted that she hasn’t had the best time lately, but she told us: “This year definitely shows me another side and straightens a lot. I continue, I’m strong and I’m still here. “

Junior Andre has stated that he no longer wants his brother

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Katie is trying to be a mother again, but her son, Jr., 16, who shares with her ex-husband Peter Andre, previously said she didn’t want any more siblings.

When asked what he thought about becoming an older brother again, Jr. said, “I think the age difference is too big.”

“I want to be the brother they love so much, and not the ones they rarely see. I already have six brothers, so there are quite a few of us. “

Katie Price launches its own OnlyFans channel

Katie, dressed as a nun at the launch of the OnlyFans channel, declares:

“I’m focused on enjoying my life. The New Year is a new start. No one dictates me. I have complete control over my entire life.”

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Katie Price marries "biggest supporter" Karl Woods and vows to have a baby this year.

Source link Katie Price marries "biggest supporter" Karl Woods and vows to have a baby this year.

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