Katie Price looking to “get the right job” after learning to learn lip fillers and botox

Katie Price Says he has “the right job”, is training to become a beautician, and offers services such as fillers and botox.

The 43-year-old star reportedly enrolled in a £ 2,000 course to learn how to manage cosmetology treatments after saying he wanted 2022 to be a “no drama” year.

Katie reveals that she plans to train with her beautician friend when she prepares her lips again. I told the fans: I can’t wait.

“You know I was everywhere to do Botox, do all sorts of lips, and I finally found the perfect place I wanted to train.”

Katie says she’s training to give fillers and botox

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according to SunThe Lift Aesthetics course costs about £ 2,000, giving Katie the opportunity to learn modeling skills before treating the general public.

One source told the publication:

Meanwhile, talking about her hopes for next year, the star vowed to make it drama-free after she was there. Last year, he sentenced him to a suspended sentence for drunk driving. ..

Katie Price reportedly decided to have a dry January
Katie was sentenced to a suspended sentence for drunk driving in 2021

The old glamor model seems to be spinning a new leaf when she posted a quote on the Instagram feed.

Katie writes: “22 is my lucky number, so I’m focusing on making the drama free and actually using all the new ventures and ideas to wish good luck.”

Recently her sister Sophie Condemning the troll, Katie claimed to have “taken responsibility.” She posted three festive hand emojis accordingly, demonstrating her support for television personalities.

Katie Price was convicted earlier this year after pleading guilty to driving, disqualified driving, and uninsured driving.
Katie said she wants to make the 2022 “drama free”

On the other hand, many of Star’s fans responded swiftly to her declaration, as one wrote in a red heart emoji, “It’s definitely going to be your year of change. After that.”

Another chime: “Great for Katie next year! X”.

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Katie Price looking to "get the right job" after learning to learn lip fillers and botox

Source link Katie Price looking to "get the right job" after learning to learn lip fillers and botox

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