Katie Price lives in a nightchain hotel after Karl Woods reveals that she has no home

Katie Price and Karl Woods are staying at a £ 51 per night chain hotel as the McKee Mansion has been refurbished.

On the weekend Carl, 32, They told the fans that they didn’t have a house because they shared a video from the latest room they spent. Cheltenham weekend to visit Harvey..


Katie Price and Karl Woods live in a hotel with a dogCredit: Splash


Karl revealed they didn’t have a home at this timeCredit: Instagram

He explained: “This is our recent life, a hotel room. We go to see Harv and have a dog in every room.”

One source told The Sun: “Working at home is currently suspended because filming of the show is currently suspended.

“Currently, the house is very cold and poorly ventilated, and Katie can only live in a specific room. It’s a difficult situation.”

Katie and Karl returned to her Sussex home and were doing it after signing Bumper handles channel 4..

The property was in turmoil after her marriage to Keeran Hayler broke down, but she is keen to regain her former glory.

Shooting started in the summer Katie, 43, and Karl chased the camera when they overhauled the house.

But earlier this year, Katie was ordered to recoverR for her £ 1.35m home after she did not repay more than £ 500,000 in real estate debt.

She faces losing her home if she is unable to truncate cash to repay the debtor prior to the foreclosure hearing.

Earlier this week, the sun revealed it Katie turned to hear her last bankruptcy again The court date was postponed to February 2022.

Star was scheduled to return to court by the end of the year and renew the debt repayment to the trustee, but the trial is currently being rescheduled.

Katie will also be sentenced to court on December 15th following her drunk driving accident.

she was Rehabilitation was approved in September After pleading guilty to drunk driving during disqualification, he was spared immediate imprisonment Despite flipping her BMW after a liquor and drug vendor..

However, Katie may still face imprisonment when sentenced next month.


Karl and Katie spent the weekend in Harvey and CheltenhamCredit: Instagram


Katie was back at her houseCredit: youtube / KatiePrice


The house still needs a lot of work before they can all returnCredit: Howdens Kitchen
Katie Price revealed that she was returning to crutches after visiting the hospital.

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Katie Price lives in a nightchain hotel after Karl Woods reveals that she has no home

Source link Katie Price lives in a nightchain hotel after Karl Woods reveals that she has no home

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