Katie Price further fuels pregnancy speculation as she sports a “baby” necklace.

Katie Price After wearing a “baby” necklace, she fuels further rumors that she can expect her sixth child.

Earlier glamor models posted a new YouTube video supporting accessories that fans thought could be another clue that she was pregnant.

The 43-year-old kid wore a gold chain necklace with the word “baby” on it.

This will come later Katie posted a photo on her Instagram page on Thursday featuring a scan of a baby from a previous pregnancy. However, many have incorporated this into their presentations.

However, she seems to remember her eldest daughter, Harvey, when she was pregnant. The 19-year-old Snap also had baby hands and footprints.

Katie showed off her necklace on YouTube

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However, some followers congratulated and others commented that they knew the scan was from Harvey.

One believer wrote, “I thought this was an announcement at the time.”

Some fans have noticed that one of the scans indicates 2001. This suggests that they belong to Harvey.

One added, “I’m saying it’s 2001, so I have to be Harvey.”

Katie captioned the post: “Can you guess who this is?”

Warning link from YOUTUBE: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = TYNkJihtmIA
Katie was doing her makeup on the video

In the new YouTube video, Katie was making up for a television interview while showing off her necklace.

Katie did not keep secret that she wanted to have a child with her fiancé Carl Woods and was open about the possibility of having to experience in vitro fertilization.

Last year, she said, “I definitely want more babies because it’s not over yet. As I get older, I may look younger and behave younger, but whether I like it or not, my body is old.

“So the next baby I have will have to do IVF, I already know that. So that’s another journey I’ll talk about.”

Fans thought Katie was pregnant again
Fans thought Katie was pregnant again

Katie already has five children from her previous relationship. Harvey (19) is a former Dwight Yorke soccer player and her children are parents of Junior (16), Princess (14) and her ex-husband Peter Andre.

She also has a son, Jet (8 years old) and a daughter, Bunny (7 years old), with her ex-husband, Keeran Halar.

Katie is currently engaged to Karl and some believe she is tying a knot during her recent trip to Las Vegas.

However, they seem to be waiting for a little more special day, but the details of the wedding have not yet been revealed.

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Katie Price further fuels pregnancy speculation as she sports a "baby" necklace.

Source link Katie Price further fuels pregnancy speculation as she sports a "baby" necklace.

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