Katie Price finds a photo to return topless and says that “now they don’t look like that”

Katie Price has found a retrospective photo from her days of glamorous modeling while renovating her Mucky Mansion.

The 43-year-old was busy garbage collection at your home in West Sussex and is doing it again to make it habitable again through his new show on Channel4.

In the second episode of the reality show, the star found piles of posters and photos from the time she posed topless for magazines.

Stumbled upon a glass with her topless image on the front, she told the cameras, “Isn’t it funny how you change? This was my second job with tits. I’ve had a lot since then.

Katie Price has found a way back from the time when she was a glamorous model

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She continued: “My areolas don’t look like that anymore! They’ve been cut off and cut off so many times.”

Die Hard The star’s fans immediately flocked to Twitter to praise her for the show, as one man wrote: “I absolutely love #MuckyMansion watching him catch up, long after bedtime, but @KatiePrice absolutely breaks it. Yes, she had problems, but look at her endurance, amazing lady, my humble opinion is. “

Another said: “I have to say that I really enjoy #MuckyMansion, I love seeing you make it. I really hope the home becomes one where you can live in peace and the kids enjoy it too.”

While a third added: “I’m so invested in Katie Price’s #MuckyMansion mansion.”

Katie said her breasts were gone "it looks like that"
Katie said her breasts no longer “look like that”

Katie, which one was recently photographed with a bandage on his arm after an operation in Belgium, she got her first job with tits in 1998 and has since undergone 12 more surgical procedures to make them smaller or larger.

Last year, the TV host was shocked after the surgeon who performed her first breast surgery told her that he would not work on it if she asked him today.

While starring in Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, Katie visited Dr. Prakash to discuss the pressure young people are undergoing surgery.

Katie has suffered a lot of tits work over the years
Katie has suffered a lot of tits work over the years

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She explained: “I just don’t think social media helps because young girls are influenced by what they see. I think girls are operated on too young, but for the wrong reasons.”

Dr. Prakash agreed, saying, “You know, nowadays, if young people come to me with all these pictures and everything, I say, ‘I’m not taking pictures, I’m healing you,’ and most of them say, ‘ no “because expectations are too high.

“I don’t want to make you look ugly, I want to make you look sexy and natural. 20 years ago, my rejection rate was, if I saw 10 people, maybe one, now three or four I say ‘No.’

Katie has been under the knife many times in the last 25 years
Dr. Prakash gave Katie Price her first breast job

Katie then told the audience behind her back, “There are always new surgical trends emerging on social media, but does Dr. Prakash think I should have another operation?”

He told her, “If you came to me now, I wouldn’t have surgery,” out of breath, Katie asked, “What, you’re not going to have surgery?” What’s the risk of having too much?

Dr. Prakash explained: “The risk of performing, I guess non-surgical treatment, repeated Botox, repeated fillers, your facial muscles sometimes age quickly. In addition, repetitive surgery interferes with the skin, stretches it more, and then loses skin elasticity. “

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Katie Price finds a photo to return topless and says that "now they don't look like that"

Source link Katie Price finds a photo to return topless and says that "now they don't look like that"

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