Katie Price feels “amazing concentration” and thanks “rock” Carl Woods after a difficult month

Katie Price She now feels “surprisingly focused” and says she publicly praises her fiancée Carl Woods For supporting her a few months after seeing her go into rehab to get medical treatment following a drunk driving accident in September.

At the age of 43, she came to Instagram and posted a thank-you message to Karl and the people closest to her.

“I feel very blessed to have such loving and compassionate people around me,” Katie wrote on Thursday.

“With my wonderful kids. Carl Woods You were my rock! Thank you everyone!

“I feel great and focused. I thank all the fans for their support and warm wishes over the past few months.”

Katie Price thanked her partner Carl Woods for supporting her after a difficult few months.

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The former glamor model was found guilty of drunk driving after the collision and was ordered by a judge to spend time at a rehab facility in southwest London, Priory.

She also pleaded guilty to one count of uninsured driving and one count of disqualified driving.

“I took the medicine. Don’t drive, I admit it all,” she confessed to the police officer at the time.

The TV personality is waiting to be sentenced on December 15th.

Karl has been there for Katie since suffering from PTSD after being involved in a car accident in September while driving drunk.
Fiance Karl and Katie

Last month, Katie clipped how the aftermath of the crash affected her and her family.

“I got into the car and collided. I regret it. I upset the people around me, and I upset myself,” she sat next to her partner Karl. I said while I was there.

“I may have been injured or dead. I may have killed or injured someone.”

Katie went to the rehab facility The Priory a few weeks after the car accident and many began to believe she was being treated for alcohol and drug problems. She recently rejected on the Netmums podcast Sweat, Snot & Tears..

Katie also thanked the people around her for supporting her on Instagram for the past few months.
Katie also thanked the people around her for supporting her in the last few months.

“People think I entered the monastery for drinks and drugs, that’s not true. It’s all thanks to all I’ve experienced,” she said.

“There is an accumulation of events. I had to deal with that much. Three incidents have occurred in the last few months and I have to go to priority.

“I’ve dealt with life pretty well, it’s an incident. I didn’t ask that none of these incidents happen, but they’re very serious incidents. Mental Health Hospital. I. Said to my mother, I’m not in rehab.

“I meet the therapist every week. I can yell at him, but not the people near me.”

Katie revisits Priory after her trip to Las Vegas. "Required session" Of treatment
Katie revisits Priory after traveling to Las Vegas for a “necessary session” of treatment

Mother of 5 After returning home from a trip to Las Vegas, I revisited Priority Last month I continued treatment there for a “necessary session” and opened it up to my followers.

“Today’s Tip: Don’t Think About What Happens in a Month. Don’t Think About What Happens in a Year. Focus on the 24 hours in front of you and get closer to where you are. Do what you can, I want to be, “she wrote.

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Katie Price feels "amazing concentration" and thanks "rock" Carl Woods after a difficult month

Source link Katie Price feels "amazing concentration" and thanks "rock" Carl Woods after a difficult month

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