Katie Price Bombs I’m Celebrity For Banning Richard Madley From Camp

Katie Price exploded I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! Richard Madeley banned him from returning to the camp, even though the presenter returned for an interview with host Ant in December.

Take me to Instagram, Mother of 5 She shared her thoughts on the latest episode of the show, but said she was confused by Richard’s ban.


Katie went to Instagram to share her confusion about why Richard wasn’t allowed to return to the camp.


Richard was not allowed to return to the camp after breaking the Covid bubbleCredit: ITV

Katie I recorded a video from a hotel room in Cheltenham. She is currently staying to visit her son Harvey, 19,.

“Looking at the first half of the show, Richard did it. [sic] His speech was so good that he couldn’t spot any more behind the scenes about what it was like, “said the previous model.

“You think it’s a TV show, but it feels real there like a challenge, and it’s so true. When you test, you make them people eat food. I don’t think about anything other than trying to make it a star.

“There is no seasoning or food there, so I’m happy to see him happy and energetic.”

Katie then explained that she was confused about why producers wouldn’t allow Richard to return to the show.

“So, for Covid’s reasons, they said he couldn’t go back to camp. Then, when he got back to camp and revealed who was challenging, Ant went to camp. I had an interview with Deck.? “She said.

“I couldn’t bother my head either, and he didn’t have any masks.”

Katie continued: “That’s my choice for tonight’s show, it’s just .. I don’t know if you thought a lot about it, but you did, aren’t you Karl?” Before turning to her fiancé.

“There should be a vote to bring Richard back to the camp,” she added.

65 year old star The remaining crew and cast companions were frightened When he was hit by a medical emergency this week, he was immediately taken to the hospital.

After that, it was all made clear that TV favorites would return to camp, but he Being kicked out of a reality show Because he broke the very safe Covid bubble on the set.

Richard Since then, he has returned to his London home, which he shares with his wife Judy. It is drawn well early on Friday..

Richard then broke his silence on his departure Bomb interview I’m a celebrity with Ant and Deck on Friday night.


TV presenter Richard returned to the show on Friday for an interview with hosts Ant and Deck.Credit: SHUTTERSHOCK

Katie Price Bombs I’m Celebrity For Banning Richard Madley From Camp

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