Katie Price admits she is “embarrassed” after being arrested for “traumatic” drunk driving

Katie Price admits she is “embarrassed” after her “traumatic” drunk driving arrest, but has made 2022 a “no drama” year on her first television appearance since she avoided prison. I swear to do

Katie Price After being arrested for drunk driving last month and barely avoiding prison, she revealed that she felt “embarrassed” about herself.

A former glamor model, 43, was suspended on September 28 for turning an uninsured BMW X5 into a living wall when he was disqualified due to a country road near his home in West Sussex. He was sentenced to a week’s sentence and a two-year ban.

Speak on Tuesday Good Morning Britain Due to her first television appearance since the ruling, the five mothers claimed that 2022 would be a “drama-free year” and she is now dry January (that month) to kick start this year. “Stays sober)” he said, “I’m not a heavy drinker anyway.”

Shame: Katie Price admits herself “embarrassing” after she was arrested for a “traumatic” drinking drive, but makes 2022 “no drama” on her first television appearance since avoiding prison. I swear that

Appearing via videolink with her son Harvey, 19, she was investigated for being put in jail in a recent arrest.

“I’m traumatized after that, so I’m not ready to talk yet. But what I say is to deal with the traumatic event that led me to go to the monastery and get into the car. That is why I finally decided to meet the therapist every week and forever.

“I’m very good at hiding things, but when I’m ready to talk about it, I’ll start talking. There’s a reason I got in the car, I have a mental state, but when I’m ready, I do. increase.

“I’m ashamed of it all. Why I’m still dealing with it. New Year, but I’m still dealing with it. People shouldn’t judge people. Things always have a reason. “

Crash: It happened on September 28, and police arrested Katie on the scene before taking her to the hospital. According to tests, the television personality contained 66 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of breath. This is almost twice the legal limit of 35 mcg.

Katie was spared a suspended sentence because she met the requirement to attend a £ 6,800 rehab center per week, even though she went shopping while staying at the facility.

The former glamor model was told by the judge that it was worth spending Christmas behind the bar after committing a ninth car crime.

Following her court appearance, Katie issued a statement saying she was “incredibly sorry” and “I am truly grateful that no one was injured.”

Drunk driving activists said they were “rugged” in a “unbelievable” ruling, but the judge said Price wasn’t in trouble after completing a stint at the celebrity rehab clinic The Priory. He said he would avoid going to jail.

Still, Katie vowed to continue her life, and looking forward to the rest of the year, Katie said in the GMB: ‘2022 is my year and 22 is my lucky number. My birthday. Main box with or without deals. This year must be my year without drama. ”

She added:I definitely found it in Karl [Woods, her fiancé] And we get married.

“It will be in England, because of my family, my mother can’t travel because of a terminal illness, so I wouldn’t get married if my mother wasn’t there.

There are many things I haven’t covered yet. I want to come in and talk more. But just to let everyone know that I’m in a good headspace. “

Katie Price’s long history of driving breaches has seen her banned from the road six times.

2003: Price was spared allegations of speeding after police did not arrest her within 12 weeks of allegedly timing 70mph in her Range Rover’s 40mph zone.

2008: Price earned 3 penalty points after talking on his cell phone while driving on April 18th.

2009: The price provides the driver’s identity after her car was allegedly caught in a speeding zone in the 30mph zone, timed at 99mph, then given 4 penalty points, and given 4 points on her license. I could not do it.

2010: Price was convicted of not being able to properly control the carriage after heading to another lane in February, and his license was awarded 3 points for a total of 10. In the 70mph zone of her hometown of West Sussex.

year 2012: Two years later, Katie was disqualified for 12 months because she did not respond to two speed tickets in September.

2018: The price landed a 6-month ban in February 2018 for speed violations after raising 12 penalty points for speed violations. In July, a photo of her driving appeared while still banned. Then in October she was arrested on suspicion of driving a drink and detained for 13 hours after colliding with VW Golf and a hedge of a gated real estate at 2 am.

2019: She was banned from driving for three months during her disqualification in January of that year. And in October, Price was banned from driving for another 18 months because he didn’t notify police holding the handle of the pink Range Rover in an accident in Bexley, southeast London.

2021 : Price crashed a BMW car on a country road near his home in West Sussex after taking and taking medicine early in September. She pleaded guilty to drunk driving, disqualified driving, and uninsured driving at Crawley Magistrates.


Katie Price admits she is “embarrassed” after being arrested for “traumatic” drunk driving

Source link Katie Price admits she is “embarrassed” after being arrested for “traumatic” drunk driving

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