Kate Middleton has adopted her Majesty’s “Game Plan” as a future monarch

Kate Middleton, After turning 40, I thanked him for the birthday message he received over the weekend.Is said to have focused on the Queen’s tactics since being promoted to Dame Grand Cross.

In 2019, the Duchess of Cambridge was promoted by His Majesty to serve the Sovereign and is now the highest female rank in the Royal Victorian Order.

Royal sources have revealed that 40-year-old Kate has “observed” the Queen’s “game plan” for many years and “incorporated much” from her role model in the process.

“She would have been a queen for a long time and knew her, she would have thought,’Who is my role model who did this really well? To lay the foundation and build the foundation for a long game. Who do you learn from? How can I stay firm, strong, calm and confident without giving up on myself? “I think she robbed the Queen of much.”

Kate Middleton was promoted by the Queen in 2019

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According to another source, the Principality of Cambridge is proud of the Queen and Britain, as many respect them for comfort in the “future of monarchy.”

This example they set is especially for many after the Duke of York left the royal life over this connection with Jeffrey Epstein in 2019 and left the royal obligation to move to the United States in 2020. I am relieved.

“Britain expects them to have a future of monarchy, which is a difficult role,” another source said.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are “proud” of the country

The Duchess of Cambridge and former Secretary of Prince Harry, Anthony James Moxon Lawser Pinkerton, added that the Duchess has repeatedly proved to be our “future queen.” ..

He said: “She went at her own pace and slowly but perfectly fenced.”

Jason Nauf, who first joined the royal family in 2015, is known for believing that Kate “will be a great asset to institutions and countries.”

According to sources, Kate Middleton will be a “huge asset” for the institution.

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And the royal insider, who has watched Kate’s evolution, continued to talk about future kings and queens.

“William will be respected and Catherine will be loved,” sources said.

Knauf announced that he officially left home last week after playing an important role as a senior aide on Prince William and Kate’s team.

Jason Nauf joined the royal family for the first time in 2015

Jason writes about his decision:

“After working for the Duchess and Duchess of Kensington for seven years at Kensington Palace and the Royal Foundation, I will move to India to join my husband as a diplomat.”

He goes on to say: “After serving as a communications secretary, it was a privilege of my career to be the CEO of the Foundation. We have built a powerful platform for Heads Together, Earthshot Awards, Early Childhood Centers and more.

“I traveled to 36 countries and every corner of the UK and made great new friends in the process.”

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Kate Middleton has adopted her Majesty's "Game Plan" as a future monarch

Source link Kate Middleton has adopted her Majesty's "Game Plan" as a future monarch

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