Kate Garraway’s husband, Derek Draper, reaches a major milestone in his recovery in a Christmas miracle

Kate Garraway was finally able to spend time with her husband, Derek Draper, 21 months after being attacked by Covid.

54 years old Derek is taking care of him as he has been recovering from the fight against Covid-19 since he returned from the hospital in April.


Kate Garraway and Derek Draper enjoyed a family day in Pantomime (pictured 2019)Credit: Rex
Derek hasn't been out since being attacked by Covid in March 2020.


Derek hasn’t been out since being attacked by Covid in March 2020.Credit: pixel8000

But after two difficult years, Kate smiles when she pushes Derek in a wheelchair to enjoy an afternoon in Pantomime with her two children, Darcy (15) and Billy (12). There was no problem raising it.

In the photo obtained by Sunday email Derek also smiles at the camera when he looks out for the first time since signing Covid in March 2020.

The family went to see Cinderella on Wednesday at the Richmond Theater in western London.

And Kate admitted that taking Derek home this Christmas was “the best gift she could receive.”

“Last Christmas Eve, we had a lot of promises and hopes, but Derek was in the hospital,” she said.

“I didn’t know if he would live or die, hoping he was heading in the right direction.”

Only a few days later Kate updated Good Morning Britain viewers about her Christmas plan..

Speaking on the ITV breakfast show, Kate, 54, He told co-host Richard Bacon, 46, about a special moment when a former lobbyist realized he “understood” her.

She elaborated on what it meant to be involved in this Christmas while he was still physically recovering after a long two-year battle with the virus.

“Sometimes he doesn’t seem to be with you,” the two mothers described her husband, who still has problems with verbal communication.

But despite his fatigue and mobility issues, Kate revealed that he laughed during a family discussion about money before the holiday season.

“Who is most likely to find money on the floor and hold it?” Her family was asked as part of a fun game at home where Derek was sitting.

“Everyone in the room said” Darcy! “At the same time. And Derek began to laugh, “Kate explained. It was a nice moment because you thought, “He understands it, he understands it.” “

Richard went on to explain that the TV star was full of “hope” for Derek’s recent improvements, so he asked if that moment happened more often.

“You get these extraordinary flashes and create a great wave of hope,” she explained. “It must support you throughout the period when it feels unchanged.”

“But I’m fortunate to have the chance because so many people have died,” she added, keeping a positive attitude.

She also thanked the NHS staff for overcoming difficult times, saying, “In the midst of that, we need to remember that there is something good from a pandemic, sharing, community, and kindness. There is. “

Kate, who talked about what’s going on at Christmas this year, admitted that Derek was happy to be able to go home, although he was acclimatizing to “New Normal” as he continued to recover.

Insulting the injury, GMB Star also revealed that no one wants her to host a Christmas dinner because the oven is broken.

She tells Woman’s Own:

“Of course, he’s not going to wear Santa’s costume to go out with Darcy like his father and daughter’s Christmas shop and Billy.

“None of them are on the horizon at the moment, so it’s adapting to the new normal, but last year we didn’t have it at all, and thank him for being afraid that it would never happen. is doing.”

Kate added: “My dream is to take Derek to Chorley. At this point, moving him is a big problem. He’s exhausted.

“Otherwise, drapers may come to us for a large gathering, Covid forgive.

“And surely I’ll see the guarantee, but my oven is broken so I don’t know if anyone wants to come to me.”

Earlier this month, viewers Good Morning Britain’s host sheds tears and collapses On her husband Derek Appeared in Piers Morgan Life Stories.

Derek was rushed to the hospital March last year after signing with Covid-19.

He was seriously ill and spent more than a year in the hospital. Before finally going home Kate and her children will take care of them in April.

Kate Garraway shared a heartbreaking update as her husband Derek Draper was preparing to celebrate Christmas.

Kate Garraway’s husband, Derek Draper, reaches a major milestone in his recovery in a Christmas miracle

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