Kate Gallaway from Allison Hammond – 30 Favorite Stars Share Christmas Wishes

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s a great way to prepare for the holiday season, rather than touching the bass with all your favorite celebrities about what’s on this year’s wishlist.

We all have goth for Christmas, from Good Morning BritainsKate Gallaway Turned into a real star Creative Director of Pretty Little ThingMolly May The Hague..

From cooking to what you want to be under the tree, your favorite celebrities reveal their festive plans and Christmas wishes.

Continue reading to find all your favorite stars. Jacqueline Jossa, Dermot O’Leary, Vicky Patterson When Vicky Patterson – Wake up during their Christmas holidays.

Allison Hammond will spend Christmas day with Josie Gibson

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Ricky Wilson

My role on Christmas day is to keep my head down. My job is to play, but during my holidays I’m a coma like sitting on the couch.

Jacqueline Jossa

This Christmas has grown. It’s the first time I moved home five months ago and created a large wooden space. That’s half the reason I wanted this house!

Vicky Patterson

you know what? I love the Times number one bestseller as my Christmas gift! Can you please? I published a new book in January, and it’s my year!

Vicky Patterson hopes to become the Times’ best-selling top spot in her new book

Craig Revel Horwood

Since we are pantomime, it will be a rental house by the sea. It will be a proper Christmas menu, Queen’s Speech, strictly, and more wine and games.

Billy Shepard

My biggest wish in 2022 is to be in a new home. Builders say we’ll be in spring. I wish you success!

Kate Gallaway

I love the house sniffing turkeys, getting together and meeting family and friends I haven’t seen in a while. It’s very special. Being a mom is all about seeing magic in the eyes of children.

Kate Gallaway said Christmas as a mom is all about the magic of children’s eyes

James middleton

Every year my determination is to have more dogs. But I already have six, so that can be pretty difficult!

Romesh Langanasan

There is no doubt that you will see the family tradition of the National Lampoon Christmas vacation. Then it will be Jingle All the Way, For Christmas, Die Hard, Gremlin. All smashers!

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Molly May The Hague

I want to spend this Christmas with Tommy and my family. Family time is so important that I can’t really go home as much as I want.

Nadine Coyle

I love toys, a house full of kids running around, wrapping paper everywhere around everyone. It’s definitely my favorite time of the year. The decorations have been uploaded since the beginning of November!

Nadine Coyle admits that Christmas is her favorite time

Chris Hughes

The vacation is divided between the Cotswolds family and Buckinghamshire’s girlfriend Annabel. I don’t really celebrate the New Year, it’s the most disliked day of the year. I actually feel it a little depressing.

Susanna Reed

Christmas begins with a cup of tea in bed, watching the boys open their presents. They are teenagers, but they are still excited.

Angelica Bell

On Christmas day, my only tradition is to go through the entire can of Quality Street.

Angelica Bell will pass through the entire can of Quality Street on Christmas Day

Carol Vorderman

I’m a baby on Christmas Eve, so it’s a double celebration! My daughter and her best friend will come to us, and mostly I want a more normal Christmas this year.

Clare Balding

Last year I made a Christmas lunch. Never again … Oh God, it was terrible. This year, my mother-in-law or sister-in-law will do it and provide entertainment.

Giuseppe Delanno

We eat traditional Italian food for Christmas – seafood for Christmas Eve and lasagna for Christmas. It takes a week and I’m too busy, so I’m not going to bake panettone.

Liv Bentley

I spend Christmas at my parents’ house. I am a very homely person and I feel happy with the whole family around me. I’m not a Christmas party girl, so I’ll avoid the London party scene this year. I need a little break for Christmas.

Binky Felsted

I want to find nice jewelry and nice handbags under the Christmas tree, but I hope my husband Max is thinking of a gift!

Emma Bunton

Anyone who knows me knows that Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Wearing matching pajamas for the whole family, we put out a Christmas jumper.

Janet Manrara

Finally, during Christmas and New Year, I’m going to meet the Arjas family in Slovenia. A second niece was born between Covis, but I haven’t seen her yet. We are very excited to be there.

Janet Manrara travels to Slovenia with her husband, Arjas, to meet her niece.

Nadia Sawalha

My eldest daughter, Maddy, was born on Christmas Day, so it was the best Christmas gift I’ve ever had. The worst thing was the bed jacket of my ex-boyfriend’s mother who didn’t want to have much fun at home, so she gave me a crochet bed jacket!

Paris Fury

It’s our tradition to put elves on the shelves for kids every year, but I don’t know why it’s so hard! On Christmas day, Tyson goes for a big walk with his brother and children, they jump into a puddle and come back, but they love it.

Aston marigold

Christmas is all about food, it’s time to indulge and cool. When it comes to drinks, my taste has changed over the years and I love tequila and roses.

Lorraine Kelly

Christmas morning begins with eating a whole chocolate orange for breakfast.

Lorraine Kelly admitted to eating whole chocolate oranges for breakfast on Christmas day

Andy Oliver

We always had an open Christmas invitation at our house, so if people are stuck or have nowhere to go, they can come to our house at any time.

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Olivia and Alex Bowen

Olivia: New Year’s aspirations? Oh, I’m terrible, I recently started Pilates, so maybe I’ll try to stick to it.

Alex: You’ve given up within a few weeks!

Arlene Philips

My partner Angus is the best cook in the world and I am desperate. So he cooks Christmas, and it works perfectly for me.

Dermot O’Leary

My Christmas morning starts with swimming in the sea.

Allison Hammond

This year, Josie Gibson and her son will dine with me on Christmas day, and I just can’t wait.

Charlotte Hawkins

Her daughter Ella, 6 years old, revives the magic of Christmas. She was very excited and made a long list, but I had to explain to her that Father’s Christmas wouldn’t get all her demands!

Kate Gallaway from Allison Hammond – 30 Favorite Stars Share Christmas Wishes

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