Kate Gallaway Announces New Home Remodeling Show Comparable to DIY: SOS

popular Good Morning Britain Presenter Kate Gallaway It is said to be in line with ITV’s “Rival DIY: Presenting a New Home Remodeling Show Set in SOS”.

Kate, 54, reportedly used her recent experience of adapting her home to take care of her husband, Derek Draper, for a new show called a life-changing home. To do.

The program is set to resemble the BBC’s DIY SOS in style, with the team helping the family as well as Kate’s own situation, which requires significant adaptation as a result of a family accident or illness.

Sources said Sun: “Kate is the perfect person to stand in front of a show like this, given that her husband, Derek, knows everything about adapting to someone’s care since he returned from the hospital.”

Kate Gallaway Announces New Home Remodeling Show Comparable to DIY: SOS

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Sources continue as follows: “She’s a very different character from Nick, but she’s very popular with viewers who see her as a sober person. Like many, she’s had a tough time since the pandemic began. Now that she’s really connected to the masses, at this stage the show is just a pilot filmed this fall.

“But ITV is eager to be in a new series in the New Year. With her profile soaring, they are keen to provide Kate with a platform.”

The new show is said to be a similar take of DIY SOS presented by Nick Knowles.

understood! We are asking Kate’s representative for comment.

Kate spoke openly about her husband, Derek, 54, with Covid, who fought for a year in the hospital for his life after being infected with the virus in 2020. Kate is acting as his caregiver because he is still suffering from complications From Covid-19 after defeating the virus.

TV favorites After Derek threatened his health during the festival, he shared a family snapshot on “bumpy” Christmas day...

Kate posted a photo of Derek watching the Nativity with her two children, Darcy (15) and Billy (12), and had the opportunity to have her family “together” on Christmas Day. So she admitted that she was very “thankful”.

Kate Gallaway shared a lovely family snapshot on Christmas Day. "Rough 24 hours" After her husband Derek Draper threatens her health
Kate Garraway shared a sweet family snap on Christmas day as her husband Derek Draper admitted that it was a “bumpy 24 hours” after threatening his health.

She writes: I was too weak to do anything other than sleep.

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“I burned a parsnip (a favorite of Darcy’s) and got Billy’s” wrong “Lego. But now I’m snuggling around my dad’s bed and all of #nativity suddenly feels perfect.

“I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be with you. I hope you will love me and find joy today in any situation-# merrychristmas all!”

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Kate Gallaway Announces New Home Remodeling Show Comparable to DIY: SOS

Source link Kate Gallaway Announces New Home Remodeling Show Comparable to DIY: SOS

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