Kate Gallaway admits reading in front of Kate and Wills at Carroll Service.

Kate Gallaway She admitted that it felt “incredibly scary” Duke When Duchess of Cambridge..

The Good Morning Britain The host, 54, was invited to read at the Duchess’ Christmas Carol Concert at Westminster Abbey earlier this month.

The concert, called Royal Carols: Together At Christmas, will air on Christmas Eve at ITV.

However, Kate revealed that she noticed that her performance was nervous.

After Kate’s clip was shown at GMB on Thursday morning, Kate’s co-host Richard Bacon turned to her and said, “I’m glad I met you at Kate.”

Kate Gallaway said reading in front of the Duchess of Cambridge was “incredibly scary.”

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“It was great to be invited. It was a really special opportunity. I was very lucky to be there,” Kate replied.

Richard then asked Kate if it was “terrifying” to read in front of the royal family, and she replied:

Kate, 54, also revealed that she had the opportunity to meet future kings and queens with her 12-year-old little son Billy before the service.

“I was allowed to bring William, Bill, and he could meet them too, and he always wears a hat.

Kate Gallaway reads during the concert
Kate Gallaway reads during the concert

“It’s like hiss, and he rarely removes his baseball cap backwards in the early 90’s.

“And when she appeared, she and William appeared, he took it off! And I said to them,” Oh, you took Bill off his hat. “

Kate went on to confirm that after the service, Kate, her three mothers, sent a note to thank her for her involvement.

“It was really sweet and very nice. She thanked everyone involved because it made so much sense to her,” Kate explained.

Kate and William shared a moment during the performance
Kate and William attended a Royal Christmas Concert at Westminster Abbey

As Richard replied, “I wonder if that was the secret I sent the note to,” she added.

“No more! Cricky, I’m in the tower!” Kate joked.

The Royal Christmas Concert, led by the Duchess, is set to pay homage to the wonderful work of individuals and organizations across the UK who have supported the community through a pandemic.

Alongside Carroll, the concert will feature readings by the Duke of Cambridge and the British Paralympics, junior doctor Kim Daybell, and GMB presenter Kate.

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Kate Gallaway admits reading in front of Kate and Wills at Carroll Service.

Source link Kate Gallaway admits reading in front of Kate and Wills at Carroll Service.

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