Kate Ferdinand shares a snap of her husband Rio eating takeaway after childbirth

Kate Ferdinand Her husband Rio After giving birth to her son Cree last year, she ate her Chinese takeaway cheeky.

30-year-old former TOWIE star, A person who launched a support platform after feeling “isolated” as a stepmotherShared a throwback snap after giving birth to his son Cree to 1.4 million Instagram followers prior to his first birthday on Thursday, December 16th.

Kate re-shared a selfie taken at the hospital by her husband, a former soccer player, Rio, 43. While the new mother was snoozing in bed, he was seen next to a table with noodles, rice and various dishes.

The beauty of blonde hair has a snap caption. “Tomorrow a year ago. I told Rio when my baby was born, but I really wanted a Chinese. I ate Cree, but I couldn’t eat it by Caesarean section.

Kate Ferdinand reveals that her husband Rio ate a Chinese takeaway cheeky

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“He decided to eat my favorite Chinese in front of me anyway, instead of waiting until I could-and take a selfie for memories !!! You really It’s kind of. Thank you for being a babe. ”

Meanwhile, Kate shared a black-and-white snap with the boy on her hips as she walked through the wreath and the festive front door adorned with wreaths, saying, “I can’t believe my baby is one year old tomorrow. I added a caption.

Kate shares her baby son Cree with her ex-soccer husband Rio and sadly died from her late wife Rebecca Ellison’s marriage to other children, Lorenz (15) and Tate (13). I became the stepmother of Tia (10 years old). From cancer in 2015.

After becoming a new stepmother, Kate admitted that she had a hard time and announced that she would launch a platform called Blend, a network for families engaged by “parting, foster care, adoption, and loss.”

Kate shares baby son Cree with ex-soccer husband Rio

Kate, who posted on Instagram, explains: To our beautiful blessing Cree; cake icing to our special family.

“Taking a step with my three children who have experienced so many things and my wife’s deceased husband presents a unique challenge. I’m lost, confused, and unsure where to go. There are many times that it has become.

Kate and Rio

“When I first became a parent-in-law, I felt very isolated and lonely. I just didn’t know who to talk to. As the journey continued, I really needed a place to connect. I realized there was a similar experience. I’m definitely not a leader. It’s the same for me and for you. “

To conclude the message with an introduction to the Blended platform, which already has more than 24,000 followers, Kate said: @blend A safe space for all of us to share our blended family experience and support each other along this journey.

“I would like to share some personal experiences along the way, share help and advice from experts, and also a lot of discussions, general chats, to make you feel better. I have a quote. “

Kate Ferdinand shares a snap of her husband Rio eating takeaway after childbirth

Source link Kate Ferdinand shares a snap of her husband Rio eating takeaway after childbirth

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