Kate Ferdinand shares a rare photo of his son Cree going to soft play with Rio

Kate Ferdinand shared a rare snap of her son Cree. She and her husband Rio played soft today.

Media personality, 30, A retired soccer player, Rio, 42, was filmed sitting on the device with his son for nine months.


Son Cree and Rio Ferdinand in soft playCredit: Instagram


Kate Ferdinand gave fans a glimpse of her daily family lifeCredits: Instagram / Kate Ferdinand

Kate writes: “Daddy came to soft play with us before working today.”

Yesterday, Kate posted an adorable shot of her stepdaughter Tia preparing for school with her younger brother.

In the photo, Cree, dressed in a white baby, grew up and looked up at Tia, who was having breakfast before going to school.

With a snap caption, she writes:

Kate is also the stepmother of Rio boys Lorenz (14) and Tate (12) and previously published in a 2020 documentary about their mixed family.

The one-off show records that Kate became the stepmother of the children of a former soccer player with her late wife, Rebecca Ellison, who died of cancer at the age of 34 in 2015.

In the document, Rio revealed that his dad had made a reservation about Kate. As a result, they had “words”.

Rio’s dad Julian explained in a BBC special that the well-being of his grandson accepting his mother’s death was his priority and he was afraid that Kate would be “too young” to play the role of stepmother at the age of 25. ..

But the family overcame their problems earlier this year Kate welcomed her husband’s rarely seen dad Julian As “the best father-in-law”.

Kate and Rio started dating in late 2016 when they broke up with Twee’s ex-Dan Edgar after meeting in Dubai.

Three years after we met, in September 2019, we made an oath in front of 180 friends and family on the sunny beaches of Marmaris, Turkey.

The next afternoon, Rio’s daughter played an important role in the Maid of Honor, and a big day continued.

Beloved Rio and Kate have completed a spectacular three-day celebration at a £ 4,000 hotel per night with a pool party.

In June 2020, Kate announced she was pregnant with a heartwarming video of the moment she spoke to her three stepchildren.

Couple Welcomed Cree to the world on December 18th..


Sisters Tia and CreeCredits: Instagram / Kate Ferdinand
Kate and Rio Ferdinand’s son Cree receive a special gift after the family visits the Nusr-et London restaurant in Salt Bae

Kate Ferdinand shares a rare photo of his son Cree going to soft play with Rio

Source link Kate Ferdinand shares a rare photo of his son Cree going to soft play with Rio

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