Kate Ferdinand is hysterical and her son Klee poses in the photo to “escape”

previous TOWIE Star Kate FerdinandI was surprised when Klee, a 30-year-old toddler, tried to escape from her while taking a photo.

Kate shared a photo of Klee with her husband, Rio (43), a soccer player, commenting, “I thought I could escape because Mummy had the photo.”

Kate posted a fascinating photo of herself, along with a hilarious photo of a small creek running away in the opposite direction, before being scooped up by her mother.

In the photo, Kate is wearing an olive-green suit over a cream-colored hoodie with gray and white trainers, and her hair is returned to a low bun.

Little Leak looks very stylish with a light beige hoodie and a cute white sweatshirt.

Kate Ferdinand was posing in the photo when Klee decided to dash

Kate was chasing him right away
Kate was chasing him right away

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Not only is she the mother of Klee, who welcomed her in December 2020. Kate He is also the stepmother of Rio’s three children, Lorenz (15 years old), Tate (13 years old) and Tia (10 years old).

Kate was quiet on Instagram for a few weeks, but then Receive anxious messages From fans, she reassured her 1.4 million followers that she had been quarantined for catching Covid.

With a caption on top of the photo of the white rose, she writes: Thank you everyone.

Cree is scooped up by Kate's arm
Cree is immediately scooped up by Kate’s arm

Kate reassured worried fans
Kate reassured worried fans after she wasn’t on social media

“I was fine, had a COVID (which I had to quarantine), and then returned to normal life and enjoyed spending time with my family.”

Kate recently shared an adorable video of 1-year-old Cree Dance. A sweet clip has been added to her Instagram story to show the growing Cree of a white baby watching children’s TV and dancing to music.

She captioned the video: “Happy Monday, Little Monday Morning Dance”.

Kate shared a video of Cree dancing to a children's TV show playing on TV.
Kate shared a nice video of Cree dancing to a children’s TV show

This is because my beloved mother posted an even more adorable clip of her Tot, who says “I love you” in a WhatsApp voice memo.

She wrote, “….. I heard this 1000 times,” along with the screen recording she posted on the grid.

Celebrity buddies loved the sound clip and added comments. “It’s very special,” said Katie Piper.

TOWIE’s old friend Lauren Pope added: “Oh myyyyy,” wrote Charlotte Dawson: “This is all.”

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Kate Ferdinand is hysterical and her son Klee poses in the photo to "escape"

Source link Kate Ferdinand is hysterical and her son Klee poses in the photo to "escape"

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