Kardashian’s boyfriend and husband CURSE bottomed out after Travis Scott, Kanye West and others joined the family

Kardashian’s sisters have participated in many high-profile relationships.

For many years, sisters’ boyfriends and husbands were affected by the “Curse of Cardassian” and bottomed out after joining a famous family.


Many men have bottomed out in the life of the Kardashian familyCredit: Splash News


Fans believe family boyfriends and husbands are cursedCredits: Getty Images-Getty

In a 2016 episode of Kardashian Fuss, Kylie Jenner, 24, filled the audience with “Kardashian Fuss.”

She states: “Kardashian’s curse is the figure of every man dating Kardashian. Their lives then only go down the hill.”

Kim and Reggie Bush

The curse seems to have started when Kim Kardashian, 41, first linked to NFL star Reggie Bush, 36, in the early 2000s.

Before he officialized things with Kim in 2007, the athlete was praised and won many awards while playing for the Trojan.

Following the turbulent relationship, Kim and Reggie officially called it quit in 2010.

The new single, Reggie, received a significant reduction when he committed a serious NCAA breach, resulting in the deprivation of all souvenirs, praise and records.

Then he broke his leg in September of that year.


Reggie experienced a career retreat following his split from KimCredit: Getty

Kim and Ray J

Kim became famous when a 2002 sex tape with his ex-boyfriend Ray J, 40, was leaked in 2007.

Musicians have become famous for hits such as One Wish, Wait A Minute, and Sexy Can I, but have become synonymous with appearing on tape with KUGTK stars.

Kim is now known for creating an empire from the name of her family, but Ray J is probably always remembered on tape.


The leaked sex tape changed Ray J’s careerCredit: Getty

Courtney and Scott Disick

Despite continuing to be a staple of the Kardashian Jenner family, 38-year-old Scott Disick has dealt with many ups and downs while in the limelight.

Scott and Courtney (42) have been dating for nearly 10 years and share three children: Mason (11), Penelope (9) and Rain (6).

The three fathers, who officially broke up with Courtney in 2015, spent years inside and outside the rehab facility, struggling to add.

Due to his high profile, fans found Scott attending a wild party fueling his addiction.

Scott recently checked in for rehab in May 2020.

However, he only stayed at the facility for a few days.

KUWTK Star has also been known for dating young women since it was split into Courtney. He has been dating Sofia Richie (23) for nearly three years and recently separated from model Amelia Hamlin (20).


Scott has been suffering from addiction for yearsCredit: Getty

Chloe and Lamar Odom

After just a month of dating, Khloe Kardashian, 37, shocked the world when he married NBA star Lamar Odom, 42, in 2009.

The couple appeared together in KEWTK and their own spin-off Chloe & Lamar.

The well-known lifestyle was a difficult adjustment for NBA stars whose masses collapsed because they were addicted to drugs and tricked their wives.

Chloe then filed for divorce from Lamar in 2013.

However, the divorce was put on hold after Lamar suffered a fatal overdose at a brothel in Nevada in 2015.

The reality star put Lamar on hold for her health insurance, but she also took care of him when he recovered.

Their divorce was finally confirmed in 2016.


Lamar suffered an almost fatal overdose after Chloe filed for divorceCredit: AP

Kim Han Freeze

Kim started dating former NBA player Kris Humphries in October 2010, but got engaged just seven months later.

The couple did not waste their time and got married three months later in August 2011.

After a fairytale wedding shot with a KUWTK camera, Kim filed for divorce just 72 days after her marriage.

Fans of the famous family were not supporters of Chris’ voice, but athletes said the repulsion worsened after their division.

Chris remembered being booed during a match against Philadelphia 2019 Players Tribune Essay, Write: “I thought to myself,” Why are they booing me? “

“‘Is it because I’m that guy on TV? Are they thinking I was trying to be famous? Are they thinking they’re downplaying basketball games?'”

He concluded, “The last person killed me because all I wanted to know so far was basketball.”


Chris claimed to have experienced a backlash from Kim’s fansCredit: AP: Associated Press

Kim and Kanye West

After many years of friendship, Kim began dating rapper Kanye West, 44, in 2012.

The pair welcomed their 8-year-old daughter North in 2013, tying a knot in 2014.

Kim and Kanye have three more children: five saints, three Chicagos, and two psalms.

Through their marriage, couples experience many dramatic events that test their relationship.

Kim was robbed at the muzzle in Paris in 2016, but Kanye was hospitalized shortly afterwards for his first breakdown.

Rapper later revealed that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

His mental health problems were difficult for Kim and her family, but KUGTK star Kanye insisted she wanted to have an abortion in the north During her first pregnancy.

After failing in the 2020 presidential election, Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021.


Kanye was at the center of many controversiesCredit: Splash News

Kylie and Taiga

The youngest Kardashian Jenner began dating the 31-year-old Taiga after welcoming the child of Kim’s best friend Blac Chyna at the time.

The pair first met at Kendall Jenner’s Sweet 16 party.

Kylie was only 14 and Taiga was 21, but she didn’t officially start dating until 2014, when the Kylie Cosmetics boss turned 17.

Their relationship looked serious as Rack City rappers bought a Ferrari for Kylie on their 18th birthday.

The couple had many money-related problems, including a repoman taking Ferrari away.

according to Page 6The 2016 incident occurred when Taiga missed a “two or three payments” on the lease when Kylie bought Bentley.

The rapper continued to face more financial problems, paying a $ 480,000 settlement over a backrent with the landlord in a 2016 proceeding.

Kylie and Taiga were officially called to resign officially in April 2017, but have disbanded several times throughout the relationship.


Taiga and Kylie raised their eyebrows due to age differenceCredits: Getty-Contributors

Chloe and James Harden

Following her split from Lamar, Chloe found love again with NBA player James Harden (32) in the fall of 2015.

The romance didn’t last long as James tricked the KUGTK star into splitting in February 2016.

Chloe said in her show “Kocktails with Khloe” about the split: “I don’t want to put up with people. You want to be monogamous, but not monogamous.

“I’ve always said it’s long distance … you don’t have to be monogamous. A lot is happening in both of our lives. You live in Houston. I’m LA. Live in. We stare at each other. “

James tackled the “Curse of Cardassian” and claimed that his relationship with Chloe portrayed him in a negative way.

“I didn’t like all the attention,” he said earlier. Told Sports Illustrated..

“I feel like there’s no reason. I didn’t get anything but my name and face, so I don’t need it.”


James tricked Chloe during a short romanceCredit: Splash

Kylie and Travis Scott

Kylie began dating 30-year-old Travis Scott, but after becoming pregnant, the television personality began to hide, and the early days of their relationship were kept private.

The founder of Kylie Cosmetics revealed that she and Travis welcomed her daughter Stormy in February 2018 by sharing an 11-minute long video.

In October 2019, Kylie confirmed that she and Travis had broke up, but planned to co-parent with her.

The pair remained friendly and eventually rekindled their romance.

Following the May 2021 speculation that Kylie and Travis are back, Kylie says she Announced her second pregnancy September 2021.

Tragedy struck while expecting his second child when the stampede happened at the rapper’s Astroworld Festival in November.

8 people died Hundreds of people were injured during the horrific incident.

Travis and Karadosian were accused of how they chose to deal with- Ignore-Social media tragedy.


Travis recently realized that he was at the center of the controversy following the tragedy of Astroworld.Credit: EPA

Chloe and Tristan Thompson

After years of dating, Chloe officially broke up with his baby dad, Tristan Thompson, 30, during the summer.

exes-who 3 year old daughter’s parents True -The NBA player broke up after months of rumors of cheating with multiple women.

Chloe and Tristan Split Reportedly in June Spent a wild night with three women..

He is said to have been seen heading to his bedroom during a Bel Air party with three unknown women, but after 30 minutes he appeared to be “disturbed.”

But the alleged scandal isn’t the first time Tristan has been accused of fooling KUGTK stars.

A few months ago, Tristan was hit by rumors of cheating from a 23-year-old model. Sydney chase..

Even before Sydney’s claim, Chloe and Tristan had a turbulent relationship.

Their first scandal happened just one day before the athlete gave birth to her daughter True in 2018, when she was found fooling her then-pregnant girlfriend.

They tried to get over things, but eventually split in 2019 after having cheated on her again with several women, including her sister Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods.

Jordan Kissed Tristan at the party After a long night club, at the NBA Star’s house in February 2019.

Kardashian-Jenners separated Jordyn from their lives, Khloe broke up with Tristan, but exe settled again during the 2020 pandemic.


Tristan cheating Chloe through their relationshipCredit: realtristan13 / Instagram
Netflix first saw a Kanye West documentary 20 years after its production.

Kardashian’s boyfriend and husband CURSE bottomed out after Travis Scott, Kanye West and others joined the family

Source link Kardashian’s boyfriend and husband CURSE bottomed out after Travis Scott, Kanye West and others joined the family

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