Kardashian sisters Christmas decoration war from Kim’s professional piano player to Courtney’s Blink 182 Elf Onshelf

Kardashian sisters went up and down to decorate their homes for Christmas.

From Kim’s professional piano player to the elf on the shelf inspired by Courtney’s Blink 182, the famous family is clearly in the spirit of the holidays.


Kardashian sisters entered the spirit of the holidayCredit: Facebook


Kim Kardashian hired a professional pianist to play Christmas songs every morningCredits: Instagram @kimkardashian

Kim’s Piano Player

In her Instagram story, Kim posted a clip of pianist Philip Cornish. Play next to her big decorated Christmas tree..

She described the existence of the pianist as follows: “Every morning in December, @philthekeys will start playing Christmas music on the piano to awaken the children.”

After that, Kim shared another video and filmed the musician playing in the corner of the room.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians shares four children with his ex-husband, Kanye West, 44, who divorced in February.

The exe shares 8 children from the north, 6 from the saints, 3 from Chicago, and 2 from the Psalms.


Kim showed off Christmas decorationsCredits: Instagram / kimkardashian


She hired a pianist to wake up her children every morningCredits: Instagram @kimkardashian

Creative Kim

Kim proved her creativity Decorate her minimalist living room.

The space was filled with simple round sofas and white furniture while the pianist played a medley of Christmas songs, along with a piano.

The TV personality showed off her huge Christmas tree towering above the living room, covered with fake snow and warm glowing yellow lights.

On the right side of the tree were two life-sized cartoon reindeer, covered with spots.


She turned a minimalist home into a simple winter wonderlandCredits: Instagram @kimkardashian


The outside of Kim’s house looked as nice as the insideCredits: TikTok / kimandnorth

KANYE stockings

Kim confirmed, even though he is no longer a couple Kanye has stockings In her house.

While showing off Christmas decorations in her $ 60 million mansion, fans found white socks with the name of Kanye hanging above the fireplace.

In the same TikTok video, Kim showed off the decorations in the mansion and the luxuriously decorated living room.

TikTok contained elves, ornaments, and shimmering lights, but sharp-eyed fans saw something wrong with the fireplace.

Kim lined up all the stockings in a row, initially embroidered with Kanye’s name.


Kim confirmed that Kanye still has stockingsCredits: TikTok / kimandnorth


North also showed off their decorationCredits: TikTok / kimandnorth

North Tour

North also recently offered KUGTK fans a tour of their home. TikTok video..

Through the video, Kim’s eldest daughter showed off her Decorated Christmas tree When Various ornaments and candies that decorate them..

North introduced viewers to a family nutcracker, a pink reindeer, and an elf in pajamas on a shelf hanging from a white tinsel tabletop tree.

Then she showed her love for the cheerful rancher’s candy-pop one in her mouth and make sure to throw the rapper into the trash.


The mansion was decorated with festive accessoriesCredits: TikTok / kimandnorth


North showed off a deer decorationCredits: Instagram @kimkardashian


A unique elf on the shelf was hiddenCredits: TikTok / kimandnorth

Courtney shelf elf

Kim isn’t the only Kardashian to have a shelf elf.

While showing off her family’s collection recently Shelf doll elf, Courtney revealed one of the little toys designed to look like his fiancé Travis Barker, 46, and his Blink-182 bandmate.

The elf in the shelf band was seen “playing” on a white platform covered with glitter.

They had an audience of other toys, such as the Wreck-It Ralph doll disguised as security.


Courtney also entered the spirit of the holidaysCredits: kourtneykardash / Instagram


The elf on her shelf was inspired by her fiancé Travis BarkerCredits: Instagram / Courtney Kardashian


The doll band gave a showCredits: Instagram / Courtney Kardashian

Courtney decoration

Courtney becomes a fan Tour of her festive mansionIncluded entrance decorations such as illuminated reindeer, Santa, and dozens of snowmen.

She put colorful lights on the trees around the front door to further enhance her holiday mood.

Inside, a reality star had a “Letter to Santa” mailbox and a glass door overlooking the giant gold and red sleigh in the backyard.

The gift was wrapped in vintage 60’s wrapping paper and dotted with winter wonderland displays with mini needle tips.

The grand staircase was adorned with flower ropes as well as more colorful lights Elven elves on the display on the shelves..

Courtney further enhanced the festive mood by placing Christmas trees in almost every corner.


Courtney had a “letter to Santa”Credits: Poosh / Kourtney Kardashian


Snowman and Santa Claus welcome visitorsCredits: Poosh / Kourtney Kardashian


There were many gifts around the houseCredits: Poosh / Kourtney Kardashian


The Christmas tree was decorated with white lightsCredits: Poosh / Kourtney Kardashian

Winter forest

Courtney set up a gorgeous Christmas tree forest in the lobby to bring out everywhere.

The three mothers used seven genuine Fraser furs of several different sizes to create a realistic Glen of beautiful sparkling wood.

Instead of ornaments, TV stars dressed up their displays with white and yellow lights and red roses.

Under a tree, the founders of Push shared a little nostalgia when they put the old-fashioned Santa and Mrs. Klaus with two reindeer.

Courtney also recorded outdoor decorations as the trees in the backyard, covered with Christmas lights, reflected beautifully on the marble floor.


Courtney created a Christmas tree forest in the lobbyCredit: Instagram


Her outdoor wood shines brilliantly on the marbleCredits: Instagram / Kourtney Kardashian

Kylie’s low key decoration

Kylie Jenner, 24, while Kim and Courtney did their best More basic holiday decoration.

In early December, Kylie participated in an Instagram story, sharing a photo of an elf on a shelf resting in a hot-air balloon ornament hanging from a fireplace.

The fireplace was adorned with pine garlands, and white socks with the star name also hung from the fireplace shelves.

The following Instagram Story snap captured a large number of gingerbread cookies individually wrapped in a white bow.

Kylie hinted that the cookie came from her mother, Kris Jenner, by tagging her mom.


Kylie Jenner shared a photo of her understated decorationCredits: Instagram / Kylie Jenner


She received a Christmas cookieCredits: Instagram / Kylie Jenner


Kylie also showed off her elf in a shelf arrangementCredits: Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Over the top

Last year, Kylie was more aggressive Showed off her extravagant Christmas decorations On social media.

There were many Christmas trees in Kylie’s house.

One tree was simply decorated with a classic white string light, while another large tree features the same light paired with white and gold circular ornaments and fake snow. was.

One tree served as the center of the white polar bear in Kylie’s mansion.

The pine tree garnish was intertwined with the lights lined up at the edge of the fireplace, and the elves on the shelves were placed in the fireplace mantel.

In addition, white stockings were hanging from the fireplace.

Kylie lined up the golden lights on the palm trees near the pool, making sure that the outside of the house was as festive as the inside.


Kylie toured her house last yearCredit: Instagram


The mansion was decorated with polar bear decorationsCredit: Instagram


Stockings were placed on the fireplaceCredit: Instagram

Kendall stockings

Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner, 26, previously had a follower. Check out her interior holiday decorations In Instagram story.

The model pointed the camera at the fireplace, which had a wreath extending from the floor to the edge of the fireplace.

The red stockings had the image of Santa Claus riding on a magic sleigh, with about four Santa stockings hanging from the fireplace.

Next to the flickering fire, there was a small sign in front of it that said “Jenner’s House”.


Kendall also showed off her decorationCredits: kendalljenner / Instagram


She decorated the fireplace with stockings and pineCredit: Instagram


She decorated the Christmas tree with classic white lightsCredit: Instagram
Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North, 8 years old, shows off Christmas decorations around the vast gardens of her family’s $ 60 million mansion.

Kardashian sisters Christmas decoration war from Kim’s professional piano player to Courtney’s Blink 182 Elf Onshelf

Source link Kardashian sisters Christmas decoration war from Kim’s professional piano player to Courtney’s Blink 182 Elf Onshelf

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