Kanye West will demolish a $ 4.5 million home opposite Kim Kardashian and build a new mansion for four children.

KANYE West has big plans to start by demolishing a $ 4.5 million mansion purchased across the street from the $ 60 million real estate he and Kim Kardashian once shared.

The rapper was much more expensive than demanding the price of the house.


Kanye West is planning a Hidden Hills Mansion he just boughtCredits: Instagram / Kim Kardashian
Rapper destroys and rebuilds a house


Rapper destroys and rebuilds a houseCredit: BackGrid

Confirmed sources Man Kanye bought the house in the hope that he would be close to the children in the split with Kim.

The former Keeping Up with the Kardashians filed for divorce in February.

According to insiders, Kanye will not work properly In the mansion, but.

Sources called the house originally built in 1955 “disassembly” and “Kanier’s new house is disassembly. He just bought it for the place. It’s near Kim and the kids. He has a vision of the house. He plans to start construction as soon as possible.

“It will be a family friend. He wants to be able to take his children as much as possible. Living only in Malibu made the visit more tricky for Kanye.”

Another source close to Chicago’s indigenous people jumped at the idea when he realized he could buy a house and stay close to his family. He wanted to be close for his children. I have. “

Kim and Kanye have four children. There are eight in the north, six in the saints, three in Chicago, and two in the poetry.

Kim did not publicly comment on her new neighbor, but did. Share mysterious quotes In his many public plea for them to return together.


Kim posted a quote in her Instagram story, revealing that it was sent to her by her mother, Kris Jenner.

Some of the posts are written as follows: “Some of the best advice I’ve ever received was from a female in her 60s when I was in my early 20s. She said:

“A woman who lives well is a woman who has the courage to change course if she realizes that she is heading in a direction that she does not want to go or does not want to go.”

“I have listened to this advice many times.

“You don’t have to wait until New Year to fix the course. After you realize it, don’t worry about what” they “think or say when you step back … this isn’t the case. “

Kim added, “My mother sent me this, and I love it.”

The post came after Kanye bought the house and was reported to return with him in several public petitions from him.

Kim didn’t reply, but after declaring his love during the concert, he became legally single and applied to remove his surname from her.

The founder of KKW Beauty has moved to Pete Davidson, famous for Saturday Night Live.

The beginning of love

Originally from Staten Island, Kim is the first linked man since he applied for a divorce.

Pair-locked lips During the October SNL skit, they officially made their romance in November.

They were found together at Knott’s Scary Farm in California and then went k Immediately afterwards at Staten Island and Manhattan.

The duo was recently discovered together at a Staten Island cinema.

They were joined by Scott Disick and others.

The group also enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant.

Pete was invited to Chris’s annual meeting Christmas eve bash, But missed.

It is reported that Kanye was also invited.

The party was shrunk amid a nationwide surge in Covid.

Kanye bought a house near the children


Kanye bought a house near the childrenCredits: Instagram / kimkardashian
But Kim went ahead


But Kim went aheadCredits: Instagram / @ angelinas_ristorante
She is linked to Pete Davidson on Saturday Night Live


She is linked to Pete Davidson on Saturday Night LiveCredits: Instagram / Flavor Flav
Former Kim and his children remain in the $ 60 million mansion, so Kanye West “lives on a $ 2.2 million LA ranch” in Irina Shayk’s romance.

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Kanye West will demolish a $ 4.5 million home opposite Kim Kardashian and build a new mansion for four children.

Source link Kanye West will demolish a $ 4.5 million home opposite Kim Kardashian and build a new mansion for four children.

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