Kanye West takes four children to Sunday service with Kim Kardashian after failing to rekindle the marriage

KANYE West took four children to a Sunday service to share with Kim Kardashian after failing to rekindle the marriage during the divorce.

After Kanye publicly begged Kim to “escape to him” at a concert, Kim officially applied for West to be “legally single” from her surname.


Kanye West took his four children to his Sunday service when Kim applied to be “legally single.”Credit: Splash
This happens after Kanjes has made several attempts to save a failed marriage.


This happens after Kanjes has made several attempts to save a failed marriage.Credit: Instagram / kanyewest

According to Sunday, Kanye livestreamed his Sunday service choir. Daily MailHe is showing his four children 8 years old to the north, 6 years old to the saints, 3 years old to Chicago and 2 years old to the poetry.

Their mother Kim was also seen in worship.

In the clip, dozens of singers played in an empty warehouse, showing through a bright light pane.

Kanye could be found wearing all black with gold accented sunglasses listening to the choir.

They sang Adele’s Easy On Me cover and turned black in a hooded sweatshirt to suit Kanye.

Meanwhile, the four children ran around the warehouse.


Kim will soon Submitted to be legally single From Kanye after he “confused her” with a plea for a concert.

Immediately after Kanye asked her to “escape immediately,” Kim submitted a document to drop West from her name.

Earlier this year, Kim began applying for a divorce from Kanye, but despite Kim’s romance getting hot with Pete Davidson, the two are still not officially single.

Insider confessed to Hollywood life: “This is absolutely true when it comes to Kim becoming legally single and submitting documents to return her surname to Kardashian only.”

Sources continued to say that Kim met the last straw after Kanye had a concert with Drake last Thursday night.

They reported, “As soon as he put her on the spot and embarrassed her by saying” return to Kimberly “in front of the children and her family.”

Kim attended the show with her children’s saint and North Kendall Jenner..

Insiders called on her lawyer, saying Kim “needs to take immediate action.”

They said, “She didn’t see any other option. Kanye not only upsets Kim and her family, but also confuses their children with what he says to her.” Stated.

As Hollywood Life sources said, as Kim’s children grew older, they “became able to understand what he was saying and what was happening.”

By becoming Legally single, Kim’s marriage status can change while she and you are working on other details of the divorce: child custody, property splits, etc.

The four mothers reportedly asked Kim to remove the name West and return to his maiden name, Kardashian, despite sources released in the summer. I have no plans to change her name..

In October 2021 Kim bought the house you shared with her Buy out about $ 23 million with kids. https: // 7d0c99e0cdf22c0800e6f02edab6e9ec.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

Kanye took a route to change his name in front of Kim, Legally become “you” After the judge approves the request on August 24, 2021.

You have sharp eyes

Earlier today, Kim unveiled Christmas decorations in the living room of a mansion acquired from Kanye. In the resolution of their divorce..

The TikTok video included elves, ornaments, and shimmering lights, but sharp-eyed fans saw something wrong in the fireplace.

Kim had all his stockings in a row, but he wasn’t on Kim’s good list.

The first socks hung on the fireplace were embroidered with the name of Kanye.

Kim’s ex seems to be still hanging out even after she officially applied for being single legally.

Kim was wearing other stockings for himself and his children.

The last straw

On October 9, 2021, Kim hosted a Saturday Night Live. Her soliloquy shared a glance Why she decided to divorce Kanye West.

The star said: “So when I divorced him, you have to know that it came down to one thing-his personality.

“It sounds meaningful, but people keep telling me that comedy comes from the truth.

Addition: “And if there’s one thing I’m always trying to do, it’s real.”

Why Kim also in an episode of the Kardashian Family turmoil on Thursday, June 3rd. She and her ex-husband, Kanye West, said they had stopped doing it.

Chloe Confession: “Kim is dealing with a lot of things right now, and it’s difficult because Kim and Kanye took part in this huge battle just before we got here.”

Next, a clip of Kim sobbing in bed next to his sister Kylie Jenner is played. She states: can not.

“How do I get to this place where I’ve been stuck for years? May he go to another state and move every year.”

The four mothers continued. “And I have to be in the same place for the kids.

“And he’s a great dad, and he did a great job.”

She continued. “I think he deserves someone who supports every move in him, goes to Wyoming and is with him and can follow him everywhere.

“”He deserves a wife to travel with him And it’s for everything. I feel like I failed. “

As Kim continued to collapse, Kylie began to cry next to her sister.

The sun also exclusively revealed when the couple’s last straw was in February. They couldn’t agree on their summer vacation destination..

“My friends told me that the last straw had come when Kim and Kanye were planning their family’s summer, and they couldn’t agree,” said one source.

Sources continued. “What seemed to be just a simple conversation about dates and places escalated, and sadly it turned into a huge exaggerated debate.

“The last battle that ended their marriage was just a summer plan.

“It was one explosive battle that wasn’t too serious, and it pushed Kim to the edge.

“Kim was fed up with the endless conflict and said he finally quit.”

“Go back to me and run”

Kanye asked Kim to come back with him at the Drake Concert.

You have repeatedly wrapped: “I need you to return to me soon”: “More specifically, before adding Kimberly”.

It sent the crowd wild when they shouted with excitement.

However, it is unlikely that Kim had the same reaction in the audience.

She yelled at the rapper’s claim that they would come back with Pete, even though she went with Pete last week.

In a video deleted on Instagram, Kanye claimed that the family “returned together.”

In the dramatic video, you can hear Kanye playing a spoken word song for Thanksgiving. There, Kanye acknowledges his “mistake” and how he wants his wife to be regained.

In the “Thanksgiving Prayer” video, a choir in a hoodie in a dim warehouse shows Kanye’s voice echoing in the image.

“I only think about how to get my family back and how to heal the pain I caused,” he said in prayer.

“I am responsible for my actions. A new word warning: misbehavior. I am common to all my successes and failures.”

Kanye also admitted that quitting the drug for bipolar disorder “became more susceptible to other episodes that his wife, family, and fans had to endure.”

Despite Kanye’s feelings in prayer, Kim is reportedly angry with the rapper because he didn’t say anything to her in a closed room.

Kim had her last straw when Kanye asked him to


Kim had her last straw when Kanye asked him to “escape” at the concertCredit: Getty
When the romance with Pete got hot, Kim applied to drop West from her name.


When the romance with Pete got hot, Kim applied to drop West from her name.Credit: AP
Kanye still had Christmas stockings with his name on Kim's $ 60 million LA mansion


Kanye still had Christmas stockings with his name on Kim’s $ 60 million LA mansionCredit: GC Images
Share behind-the-scenes video of Kanye West’s concert after Kendall Jenner returns Kim Kardashian to stage

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Kanye West takes four children to Sunday service with Kim Kardashian after failing to rekindle the marriage

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