Kanye West approaches her girlfriend Irina Shayk, “trying to buy a new property in New York,” but “keeps her roots in Wyoming.”

Kanye West has taken a new step in her relationship with Irina Shayk: “I’m trying to buy a new property in New York” to get closer to the model.

However Wrapper He will “root” in Wyoming, which has created a perfect $ 28 million hideaway.


Kanye West is said to be “trying to buy real estate in New York”Credits: Getty-Contributor

Romance with him Irina, 35, apparently blooming after the pair Spent a fulfilling time in southern France To commemorate the 44th birthday of Yeezy’s mogul.

now, Kim KardashianFormerly looking to make the next move with 4-year-old Irina Actor Bradley Cooper and daughter Lee..

One source told The Sun exclusively: “Irina needs to be in New York for Bradley and her work-she can’t move to Wyoming-and LA to co-parent her with Bradley. Is too far.

“Kim and the kids settled happily near her family in Los Angeles, Kanye will always love Wyoming, but I think he’s back where he wants to get closer to the city-he’s with people and him. Is trying to reconnect with his life on the East Coast since the split with Kim. “


The obvious decision is the next step in our relationship with Irina ShaykCredit: Splash


Model needs to stay in New York to co-parent her daughter LeeCredit: Splash


Kanye is currently based in Wyoming RanchCredit: The Sun’s PPA


He has real estate in Los Angeles with former Kim KardashianCredits: see caption


Kim and his children live in a $ 60 million mansionCredits: Instagram

Kanye and Kim, 40, have four children. There are 7 in the north, 5 in the saints, 3 in Chicago, and 2 in the psalms.

The founder of SKIMS can usually be found with her chick in Los Angeles. There, a couple owns a luxurious $ 60 million mansion.

Kim Apply for divorce in February After a few months of speculation Their 6-year marriage is over..

The insider continued: “He missed New York. He didn’t like LA. He was looking for a place to buy somewhere. He had an apartment in Soho and sold it. It returned to the market. But a year ago.

“He would want a new place to start. He never leaves Wyoming altogether, but moves between New York and the compound.


Kanye joins Irina on a private jet from FranceCredit: Splash


The pair landed together in New JerseyCredit: Splash

“Jeting back to New York with Irina is a big sign that he plans to take root there.”

Sun is asking Kanye representatives for comment.

The sun first revealed the duo Linked to Instagram gossip site Deux Moi last month.

They were after that Discovered landing in New Jersey With exclusive photos taken by the sun via a private jet.

The connection between Irina and Kanye dates back to 2010, when she appeared in the music video for his song “Power.”

Kanye also rapped about the model in his Christian Dior Denim Flow song in 2010 and said, “I want to see Irina Shayk next to Doutzen.”

Two years later, she walked the runway of Kanye’s Fall / Winter fashion collection at Paris Fashion Week 2012.

Sources said yesterday Man The two were “hanging out” in New York before their romantic vacation in France.

“They have known each other for years as professionals. He started chasing her a few weeks ago. Kanye is a compelling man,” added the insider.

At the KUWTK finale, Kris Jenner sheds tears and Kim Kardashian reveals to Kanye West that he is “not happy.”

Kanye West approaches her girlfriend Irina Shayk, “trying to buy a new property in New York,” but “keeps her roots in Wyoming.”

Source link Kanye West approaches her girlfriend Irina Shayk, “trying to buy a new property in New York,” but “keeps her roots in Wyoming.”

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