Kanye does not accept Kim’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson:’He is very stubborn’

He may be enjoying a new romance with actress and model Julia Fox, Kanye West He reportedly “doesn’t accept” his estranged wife Kim Kardashianof New boyfriend Pete Davidson..

Kim became friends with a 28-year-old comedian after starring in spoofing on the other side of him at Saturday Night Live in October.

The couple shared a kiss on the scene, and just a few weeks later they I found you holding hands He reportedly enjoyed a private dinner date.

However, according to sources, when it comes to pairing relationships, Kanye “doesn’t disappear easily.”

Source of information spoken exclusively understood!: “Kanye doesn’t accept Pete. He’s writing a song that talks about it, he won’t disappear easily, it’s not an easy split.”

Kanye West reportedly “will not accept” Pete Davidson, the new boyfriend of his estranged wife Kim Kardashian.

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Sources add that Kanye is “very stubborn” to romance, and Kim reports that he would rather see their own four children.

They say: “It’s not that Kim doesn’t want him around the kids, he’s their father, but the atmosphere he brings when they’re with others.

“She likes it if he sees them when they are alone. But he never stops, he is very stubborn.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Pete posed at Flava Flav
Rumors of Pete and Kim’s romance flew after a pair celebrating Pete’s birthday was filmed on Flavor Flav’s Instagram.

“She’s worried that everything will escalate, but Pete is so cool and laughing at everything. It’s all the water on the back of the duck, which is good for Kim. He’s in every drama The best tonic of all. “

Sources added that Pete was even reported to give an impression that would help brighten the mood.

They continued: “And obviously he makes the best impression of Kanye, he really calms her down and helps her laugh at it.”

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson locked their lips during an SNL sketch
After locking the lips during the SNL sketch, the pair approached

Fans experienced tensions among Kimie last week when Kanye claimed that she was “not allowed to know” where her daughter Chicago’s fourth birthday was celebrated.

Kim and his sister Kylie hosted a fun co-birthday party for Chicago, who turned four on January 15, and Stormy, Kylie’s daughter, who will turn four on February 1.

Kim and Kanye pose with the North and the saints on a family holiday
It is said that the division between Kim and Kanye, who got married in 2014, was “not easy”.

REG WALL EastEnders star Lacey Turner discovers his son is immature and introduces a new boy, Trilby Fox.

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And the 44-year-old rapper, who has been dating filmmaker Julia since the beginning of the month, was later seen at the event energetically, even though he claimed he didn’t know the location of Bash, and Kim and Kylie’s “momager”. Jenner chatted with Chris.

In a video shared a few hours ago, Kanye said Kylie’s partner Travis Scott told him where the LOL doll-themed party was taking place.

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Kanye does not accept Kim's new boyfriend Pete Davidson:'He is very stubborn'

Source link Kanye does not accept Kim's new boyfriend Pete Davidson:'He is very stubborn'

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