Kalao integrates Ramp to drive mainstream adoption of NFTs –

London, United Kingdom: 14 April 2022 – Ramp payments infrastructure provider has partnered with Kalao, an NFT marketplace powered by the public blockchain Avalanche, to enable users to quickly purchase AVAX from a variety of fiat payment options.

Ramp has reduced boarding times by up to 90% within its partner ecosystem by providing millions of users with quick and secure access to the encrypted economy. Kalao, which places particular emphasis on the metallic and virtual reality, expects to reach a large number of new users after the integration.

“Kalao is an NFT ecosystem focused on being accessible, cost effective and user intuitive. After researching the market, Ramp had a significant advantage for its clear, transparent and highly competitive fee structure as well as its focus on the user experience. Looking to the future, we hope that the integration of the Ramp will greatly accelerate the adoption of Kalao, ”said Hassan, one of the Co – Founders of Kalao.

Ramp partners include some of the world’s most trusted brands and leading blockchain enterprises, which rely on the low-friction product to enable them to take their services into the mainstream.

“It will be a key factor in making the payment process secure, easy and seamless to attract new collectors to the NFT space and is something that other platforms need to work on to ensure its future position. We believe that end users should not have to train themselves in the technical aspects of blockchain in order to tackle it effectively. And Kalao is facilitating such a mainstream adoption, ”said Jacques Whales, Meta CEO at Ramp.

Ramp’s untapped full-featured payment infrastructure accelerates adoption and builds trust in its partners. Its fiat-to-crypto payments service helps partners meet regulatory demands, and eliminate a complex buyer journey, which is often cited as a key reason for preventing the mainstream adoption of decentralized applications.

Kalao de Ramp integration is live and users can make fiat-to-AVAX payments today. Other developers building on Avalanche who want to explore ramps can contact

Kalao integrates Ramp to drive mainstream adoption of NFTs –

Source link Kalao integrates Ramp to drive mainstream adoption of NFTs –

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